* I'm Half Chinese *(n_n)* Half Japanese *

Just like the title says^^

I'm 16 year old girl half Chinese and half Japanese. *However* I don't look Japanese [AT ALL] thats what i think and I don't know others that are half chinese and japanese. I have beautiful wide eyes, thick dark eyebrows i get from my dad, beautiful skin, a perfect nose, Most of my features are typical of chinese side. Because of that, alot of japanese people abroad keep getting asked where I am from. Even my parents doubt if I'm their child although they saw me coming out. (hahaha).
I live in UK all my life with 6 sisters and two brothers..I was born differently to the norm so can say im special.I've been many times to Shanghai be with many of my family and cousins and uncles...Not been to japan yet^^ and hope to go when my dad decides to go there.

Been nice writting this for you to read,so happy you wanted to read my post

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Well I know how you feel... q u q I'm also a girl who's also a half Chinese and half Japanese and.. yeah typically most of my side is Chinese...just my talents are Japanese side. though. I haven't been also to Japan...and I hope too we could go there soon. ^^

add me babe

You are a very pretty young lady.

I think it's not too uncommon for people to be mixed. I'm Japanese, and ~dream~ of meeting a Japanese woman someday. But sometimes I look at other Asians and think they're rather attractive too. Japanese are probably not very accepting of people who are different. I've lived in the US my whole life. When I go visit Japan, some people seem to find my bilingualism very intriguing. I think it depends on whether you visit a very cosmopolitan area (like Tokyo) or an area where foreigners are less common.

I am same as you, I live in Japan. Nice we meet.

you look so japanese id say... and you type like a typical japanese gal.<br />
<br />
by the way , japanese and chinese are of the same mogolia race. you are just born of two ethnicities. ethnicities and races are two differet concepts.

I feel the same. I'm more accepted among Chinese people than among Japanese.

I hope I'm excepted among my japanese family to Oneday.Be so cool to go to japan and meet them all.

I've add you in my circle of friends..can see my pics now :)

if i could see a picture of you i could tell you and what rank your antecedents may have been.in China ,there had been people with straight noses and green eyes .as in the poem that mentions the "green-eyed general" .earlier than that there had been people with blue eyes .look up the word "Tocharian".anyway ,i could tell you ,i think.Andy

Thank you Andy for the post *(^_^)*

I know my who i am &gt;_&lt; I'm Miao Ethnic as mom is miao :) my dad is Japanese.