Are There Many White Girls(esp. Blondes) Who Are Into Asian Guys?

Not the stereotyped asians that we see in the music/drama industry with such long hair, narrow-eyed but more like the typical.
I'm always fascinated about white girls. whenever I see one in person, it strucks me. sadly they are only tourists. i don't find any within the community.
Do we stand a chance?
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Well, I particularly really like any guy no matter the race. For me physical attraction really doesn't matter much as well, sure it is needed because relationships can't not have physical attraction. But for me personality probably holds the most pull. I've dated Asian, Canadian white, Filipino, European, and Indian guys (so far). But truthfully a hot guy can become horrible in my eyes if they are horrible people and vice versa for average guys becoming adorably attractive.

But also I'm not blonde xD I dye my hair red, but really it's a dark brown (my Italian side), but my skins pale because of my Irish/Scottish/English side.

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I'm a white girl and I've always liked asian guys, but not many asian guys (here in my country) are into white girls. So, right now, I'm forever alone... hahahaha.

You have a chance with any weeaboo in the world lol xD I'm a weeaboo but I'm only half white lol

Hey all...first time here. I always think about dating a white girl but always think that white girls are not into Asian men. When I go out the first type of girls I notice is white girls. Was wondering how do I approach them? I just never know what to say or how to ask them out?

I'm a white girl and I'm actually surprised someone has asked this! Im always surfing the web and most of the questions like this I could find were about white girls wanting to know if asians were into them! I guess there's your answer! BTW, Im into Asian guys too

hey :D

You might one day :) keep looking. Its strange to see that your as fascinated with someone from a different culture as I am fascinated with someone from a different culture :)

maybe we can discover each other's culture :)

i'm a white girl and i think Asians are awesome! Of course you stand a chance!

Oh yea? Wish i could meet one :)

I like your username:)

i like you :)