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Are There Many White Girls(esp. Blondes) Who Are Into Asian Guys?

Not the stereotyped asians that we see in the music/drama industry with such long hair, narrow-eyed but more like the typical.
I'm always fascinated about white girls. whenever I see one in person, it strucks me. sadly they are only tourists. i don't find any within the community.
Do we stand a chance?
noaddedsugar noaddedsugar 18-21, M 6 Responses Apr 5, 2012

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I'm a white girl and I've always liked asian guys, but not many asian guys (here in my country) are into white girls. So, right now, I'm forever alone... hahahaha.

You have a chance with any weeaboo in the world lol xD I'm a weeaboo but I'm only half white lol

Hey all...first time here. I always think about dating a white girl but always think that white girls are not into Asian men. When I go out the first type of girls I notice is white girls. Was wondering how do I approach them? I just never know what to say or how to ask them out?

I'm a white girl and I'm actually surprised someone has asked this! Im always surfing the web and most of the questions like this I could find were about white girls wanting to know if asians were into them! I guess there's your answer! BTW, Im into Asian guys too

hey :D

You might one day :) keep looking. Its strange to see that your as fascinated with someone from a different culture as I am fascinated with someone from a different culture :)

maybe we can discover each other's culture :)

i'm a white girl and i think Asians are awesome! Of course you stand a chance!

Oh yea? Wish i could meet one :)

I like your username:)

i like you :)