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I 'm asian and I hate the way most of asian girls dress. Either they look japanese or korean, or they try to look white. When they try to look white, they usually copy the cheapest (which means, the most common, the most seen, the most uncreative) white styles out there. 
Looking at those asian stars from 80s,90s in Hong Kong and Taiwan, they have so much class. I hardly see this class in the styles off my fellow asian women nowadays... Looking asian isnt a bad thing. But now looking asian means you have to look like those ******* stereotypes. And ****, the stereotypes are real ! I live in australia and on my campus, most asians girls" look like that ", no exceptions. I don't mean to generalize. But they generalize themselves. Everytime I see an asian girl with long, flowing black hair and natural makeup and dress subtly and elegantly, I think she's hot !! but I seldom see those girls, everytime I see one I stare with envy.. lol
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LoL! I understand what you mean and sometimes I do dress like that too Haha! but not too much though. I'm still being myself,long silky black hair,dark skinned and simple most of the time. May not sounds attractive,but its comfortable being myself.

Haha indeed you have a point than what about about how most Asian guys look ?
All the same typicall haircut the same shamefull behavior and attitude
In the UK they tried to label me but I ****** hate Asian stereotypes
I am a induvidualist you who are worse of all International students who just arived from either China
Malaysia or Singapore you know back home they dont act that way its because they are abroad they want to act different ussually because those people come from small villages

well I think asian girls look hot whatever they put on their body , well as I can see Asian lead the style of the world ^ ^ mostly the girls