And Proud ^ ^

I am a south east Asian, an Indonesian, so far away from korean or japanese pop artist look (if u think of that lol but ) I adored their styles, I even had a hair like that once, ahahaha, well I have an exotic brown skin ahemm, 6,1 height, slender build,natural jet black wavy hair above shoulder (usually I straigthening it but I think of making it curl into afro style), well I can't say that I am dropdead gorgeous (I wish, oh God I really wish) but no one (except my self) has complain about it, my looks mixed of Malayan-Indian-hispanic?? (well I get that last clue bc once in Bangkok a mexican tourist lady thought I was her neighbour and start speaking mexico, and my spanish gym friend also think that I bit look like his Cuban ex bf ahahaha) anyway, my eyes r big (not small) thick eyebrows and curly eyelashes, my nose is fine (thanks to my great grandfather Indian blood) not big, with fine nostril (lol), my ear r fine too (no one notice that, yeah,..), my lips is sexy yum ahahahaha lol (excuse my creativity words), and I have high cheek bones (my own opinion, model wannabe lol), and big fore head (usually I covered it with my hair as covered as possible aahahaha, I have less body hair except in my arms and legs (below the knees) and special part (awww) I dont even have any beards..:( , anyway I am proud of me, and what God have give I must stop writing this narcisstic self explanation before I get worse ... byeeeee
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Asians are awesome ;)
Just sayin' xD

ohh yess ^ ^ must be very good looking :) Saya juga orang asia kok..Dari negara tetangga Malaysia tapi bisa ngobrol indo kerna punya banyak temen2 indo online (belajar online :P haha!) Emang nya saya suka banget kebudayaan dan juga bahasa nya Indonesia. Salam Kenal :)

noo , I just regular looking lol ^ ^, salam kenal juga:)

Haha !
Biar orang lain cakap cakap yang penting u tahu u sape ?
Aku asli Melayu singapore

Di luar negeri orang sedang berfikir Singapura itu negara Tiongkok
Okay lah biar orang orang Bodoh fikir itu
Yang penting Yu know whom yu ar !
Jika orang lain fikir kau peranakan biar orang orang bodoh cakap bulssyit men !
Just tell them I tolak tepih ar, "Tak peduli"
Waktu I pinda ke UK orang orang fikir I dar Tailan jawab ku
I do come from negara Tai for tai means **** im my language hahahaha
Tenang ajaaaa men relex

hey, I'm indonesian too.. and I am sooo proud that I'm INDONESIAN!! i love being an asian.. especially INDONESIAN.. :)