Asian Dating White Guy

I'm asian, originally from ASIA.. Moved to USA for almost 5 years now.. I've been dating this white guy for almost a year now.. He is the most wonderful guy that I ever met.. No offense to other asian guys, but I do think white guys are more awesome that asian guys.

Problem is my parents are scared if i'm dating this white guy, I would never want to go home anymore which is wrong.. I've been talking to my BF that if we already married and good financially, he would love to move backhome with me so I can lived near my family..

another problem.. My parents are strict conservative religious christians.. and my bf doesnt believe what I believe.. I dont care about it too much because I believe every human have their rights to have their own believe.. My parents wants me to marry a guy with same believe.. but I love him too much..

is there anyone out there that have same problems like me? help?!
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hey, thank you for the response.. hmm.. he is learning my language now.. slowly.. haha.. i can't stop making fun of him tho while he is trying.. but he is really trying..

Complicated. Hmm, Q: Does your bf speak your home language? 'Cause otherwise, how does he think he would live in oversea country? Sorry my response is not really an advice.