I Won't Change That For Anything Else

I am full blood Asian, a Filipino. And I am proud to be. I won't even asked to be born as Eropean or American. Though my mum is half Spanish. I am proud to be Asian-filipina.

We have distinct qualities that standout among other race, or even from other nearby nations.
The charm and unique in character. We are known to be homeloving and patient, strong and resilient to changes.

Our women had been known to adapt easily to different cultures, migrating and getting employed to different parts of the world. We can easily learn of the language, learn of the foods and get used to the weather.
Asian women are known to be sweet and adorable. Passionate. Low in profile. Empathic, compassionate, loves kids. Asian men are warm and loyal to love. Hard workers, flexible and fun to be with. Men who takes pride of their family, good lovers and respectful to elders.
And I could go on like forever.

But ofcourse not all would agree to this, as no one is perfect. While I see some of the likable, I can say there are also much to say about the unlikable traits. And we can't helped being stereotyped.
But I myself winced at some of those that I myself see as not acceptable and inappropriate. And for this reason, and just like any social instincts, I avoid bad influence. I try to prove that that kind of mindset is limited to some, and could be different to others. Some may possess few negative facade, but most can prove that inner personality speaks for itself.
That not all belong to the stereotyped Asian-Filipino character. But still, I can say I am no perfect.
But overall, I am proud to be Asian (Filipnio)
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You are a lovely lady and you proof it right what you've written in the story above.
I hate to be stereotyped as well. Think, I as a German have more problems with it. :-(

I have been stereotyped all my life also, everyday. But there still comes chances that I can clear out the little things. Sorry to know about yours. We/people sometimes just can't simply let go off of some mindsets from our systems. =((

I hate that we get all compared to H!tler and that never seems to end. I guess even my great- grandkids will have to cope with the legacy of this basterd.

And an English friend recently made fun of me and told me 'typical German humourless'. That really hurts!

I just don't get it myself. Could be that we are too naive, or that maybe we've been occupied and influenced for long years by different cultures, and we've lost even our own (almost) identity. And yes, racism is one factor. But in part, I do believe with the saying (not sure if I can say it right) that steel produces it's own rust. And that is what I'm more concerned about. I don't care or take shame about/on their works, nannies or dancers or whatever. Some just have the attitude that instigate bad talks, but definitely not all.

@Ricki, I'm trully sorry about how being a German sometimes have that effect on yours. When I was still a small kid, a relative who is married to a German national that I've never get to talk with. Everytime I see him, whenever we visit their house, all I can see about him is this nazi flag and stories about wars. But that was all. Neither we were told about him as a person to be avoided.

I don't have such a flag but I like Sauerkraut. Makes me typical German I think.

If you could see me smile now! :-)
All people are different and we can't pidgeonhole them all.

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It is good to be proud of both our race and our individualism....I have found the Filipino families at school to be friendly and hospitable, and I feel very lucky to live in the multicultural area that I do....

Thank you for the kind words Kat. I appreciate them much.

wow.. that was written well.. Feel like being proud myself too. I am too Asian

thanks Dilfek.^^

I am sitting here reading this and reminded of a fond memory. It seems like ages ago I was a student aid for the electronics department of the local junior college. There was this one student there, while he was not Filipino, he was from some obscure tiny island in the Pacific near the Philippines. It was the oddest yet wonderful thing that in his country people did not talk. I say did not talk because their language consisted not only of words but specific tones. The end result was when he learned English he did not speak it. Rather instead he would sing. I mean everything he ever said did not sound at all like talking. Every single word that ever came out of his mouth sounded like he was singing a happy song!

Aah. . . the joy of expression. And which remind me when I deliberately landed to this country. I can't express myself without my handy dictionary. But I found the easiest way effective to a heart of man is. . . music, food and smile. Good for him, he can sing. I can't sing Japanese songs at that time, so I made sweets and they would winced because it was sooo sugarly swee-e-e-t. LOL! Thanks Neo for sharing the fond memory.

Am proudly, happy filipino too

Thanks for reading and for letting us know here.^^

Awww, I love reading how folks are proud of their cultural roots and ethnicity!! That rocks and it's just the way it should be. Sure...every group has their best and worst...that's just all of us being human!! <br />
<br />
I know and totally LOVE a lot of Asian peeps! My hubs is half Japanese so his dad's side is 100% and there are folks I LOVE and some who aren't so loveable!! For the most part the guys who are martial arts teachers and friends of hubs ROCK They're honest, hard working folks who never have their nose in the air about anything no matter how successful or smart they are....They're real and honest and I LOVE em to bits!! One of my very best buddies in the world is half Jamaican and half Filipino and she's been my buddy since 3rd grade!! She's pure gold to my heart and we love to get together and cook all sort of cultural foods.....Her hubs is Hispanic and Nigerian so when we all get together it's like a mini, united nations for all the ethnic diversity we represent!! That rocks!!

Sierra, thanks also for sharing them here. YOU ROCK !!^^)

My experience echos everything you've said. I corresponded a lot with the Philippines for work at one point, and they were among the kindest, most helpful group of individuals I've worked with. A bunch of people flew down there and they loved it and said the people were so sweet and generous. A classmate was also telling me about his parents' farm and all the animals they had, it was really cool! Nice write up; lucky you!

Thank you so much Ruby. Felt just like being home reading your comment. That was wonderful of you to share.

You are so welcome! XOX

Now I know you better, Lady R;0) Im half Chinese--The upper half haha-Powered by rice and noodles;0)

My oh my! And how heartwarming to know. Thanks for sharing it here. Powered by rice and noodles !? ha ha you always make me laugh.^^)

me too!

aww KittyChanel, thanks for letting us know.^^