Normal To Not Feel Asian?

Born in Canada, but i am 100% Vietnamese, is it normal to feel like i do not belong in the whole Asian culture? Maybe its because i lived my whole life in Canada and i do not hang out with many asian people, but when i do, i get unconfortable when I am surrounded by many of them. Anyone else has that problem?
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Yeah, i feel the same way too.I grew up in a vietnamese community. All those co and chu are good friends of my parents. But i can't be around them without feeling an outcast or awkward. Those children of them don't even know i exist. Because i don't like to attend vietnamese festivals or parties. Even with my family who lives in the Netherlands. I just dont really like the vietnamese culture. they're all ba 8.

Khoe khong em?

You're a Canadian. Deal with it. I have friends who are Canadian.

to be honest, I feel exactly the same. I've lived in the US my whole life so far and don't feel a bit Korean.

i have the same thing, i feel so uncomfortable around asian people :p. most of my friends are white.

Makes you feel like a white person as well doesnt it? :P

Yea I do too. It's because we were raised out of our parents countries ,

I'm also viet and grew up with aussies. After the first time I went back to Vietnam that opened up my eyes and made me start to appreciate the culture. I am now cut they I don't really have any asian friends :(