I Am a Asian Guy Who Like White Girls

I've been in US for just one year. I am not a racialist, but I just like white girls more.

In campus, there are not too many black girls except staff, so maybe I'll like black girls as well.

The reason I like Asian girls less is they usually not sexy. Besides, since I have a pretty face, (borrow my friend's  words) "you must find a girlfriend who is prettier than you,  otherwise she will feel beaten by looking you everyday"

No offense to Asian girls, just like if somebody says Asian guys are on average short. Damn it, that scientific evidence. I know you might have a different definition of sexy, just don't argue it. That's not the topic. The story is I am a Asian guy who like white girls

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As a white girl in a serious relationship with my partner in crime, the love of my life and my other half whom is an Asian man of 9 years: you need not find a partner who is prettier than you- if I understand you correctly. Physical attraction will get you your 1st 10 seconds of interest, your significant other's brain is what you are after- if you cannot stand their personality in a 9 X 13 foot room for a year, much less an hour of deep conversation about your inner most feelings at the dorm room cafe- the person no matter what their skin color, no matter what their ethnic heritage, no matter what their ethnicity does not care about you. Find a girl with a brain that has the hots for you. They will be out there, be hygienically clean and get good grades and make eye contact- we melt for all three!

Thats nice to know that Asian guys like whit girls <3

I am an Asian man and I feel more attracted to white girls. But that's because I like all girls no matter what race they are. It's just that I feel turned off by a lot of Asian girls because of their cookie-cutter personalities.

I'm a white girl and I love Asian guys. I don't understand why, but I'm just not as attracted to other races. Unfortunately, there aren't that many Asian guys who show interest in me. I think it just takes patience and perseverance to get the things you want in life. Don't give up :)

dude I'm from China and I've been in America for 2 years and I must say one year ago my English was much better than yours.. so don't even think about white girls cause you are not even qualified to communicate with them. so why don't you just go get a life and stop talking **** about other races cause there are hot Asian chicks everywhere and you ain't get any maybe that's why you want white girls. BTW, you must not know white culture very well based on your English level, so please stop bragging, white girls don't like you

give him a break, he said he's been there for just a year. you dont expect him to just master english!

who the **** you think you are!! ******* nerdy weirdo!! better shut ur ******* hole and respect him!! stop showing off your "high level english" !! ******* loser!

lol dude i feel you bro and tell you something, i'm actually into any race except asian girls... i don't know why but i just don't find them attractive at all !! and my best friend told me that he prefer white girls too so you're not alone ;)

I agree bra. I love white women.

I'm into White girls too. I think most White girls are cute.

I don't know what you're talking about but Asian girls are sexy, it just depends what type of Asian girl. Well Filipina Girls Are Really Sexy Because they Have Curves And A Booty. And Yah My fiancé thinks I'm gorgeous and sexy. My Pictures Prove I'm Not Your Typical Chinky Eyed Asian And Many People Think I'm Beautiful.I'm Not Cocky Though. I'm Filipina American.

Cool man i happen to like azn guys too

well, im Asian and i like Nordic girls much more than Asian girls. I live in Finland, everyday when i walk on the street i can find attractive Finnish women or Swedish women, but i have never seen even one Asian girl here can make me wanna look at her again since i came to this country( i came to Finland when i was a small boy), maybe because there are not so many Asian girls here( only totally about 30000 Asians in Finland.).<br />
<br />
well, my girlfriend is a Finn, i have never told her what i truly think about Nordic women and Asian women, when we watch TV together, she sometimes asks me how i like the Asian woman who is on TV, i always tell her like this :" She is pretty hot. But to me, U are the only girl i feel like staying with." That is a lie, well yes, my GF is the only one I love, but I dont feel those Asian women are even close to hot, I only say that because I am afraid if i tell my GF the truth, she will think I only date her because of her attactive look or because she is a Finnish girl, that will make her uncomfortable and angry. It is not because she is a Finnish girl then I wanna be her boyfriend, sometimes seriously I just feel it is just sth in my blood, perhaps just my nature.<br />
<br />
I dunno if i am the only case here.

You're exceptional like me because Asian guys particularly Chinese, Japanese, Korean men are less interest in white girls(while white males love Asian women so much).<br />
<br />
I don't know why, recently I found white women are attractive and white men really hate Asian guys dating white girls.

Ehmm i am a white-hispanic girl who likes Asian boys....<br />
they are cute hehe...

i am asian guy, my gf from UK, pure blonde and blue eyes. we live in UK. dont give up, if you love..from anywhere , born or come...just belive with love..:)

im asian and like white women too

I would give you a try, date you, 5uicida1. And don't kill yourself before that, ok.

It's good to hear it. I heard that the pleasure of a woman in bed is more related to the hardness

This is a little off subject. Yes usually Asian men are smaller but it don’t make them less satisfying in bed. Its how a person works it….”Size Doesn’t Matter”

Ha..I not a racist either. I like only white guys...

well, asians have a huge variety of races. not just chinese/ japanese/indian..<br />
<br />
maybe there are really sexy asians out there...

maybe we should meet

You have given me hope for myself XD<br />
I'm a white girl who likes Asian guys, but all I ever hear is how rare that kind of couple is so it's nice to hear guys like you exist :]

i don't have a type. i like all kinds. for me it depends on the individual and their characteristics, not their color, hair, eyes, ect. <br />
<br />
i am white, black, asian, and native american. i could deffinitely qualify. haha

Haha, in my opinion, I find Asian women to be beautiful. And i'm not saying that because I'm asian, but because I really, truly believe that they are. My boyfriend only likes Asian women, so it just goes to show that it depends on what you like and your own perspective. :]

I read Longing4Luv's comment again. I really like her last sentence. I decide to put in to my favorite quote. <br />
<br />
(I don't know how to comment on comments)

well i am asian girl who like white guys.... but i am not condemning asian guys who is less attractive than white guys. personality still important but it is just my preferences so why not wish for what you want if its possible to happen someday ... soon as long as you make a move and work for what you want in your life. (-;

If you are lucky as you get older you will meet more people and realise there are ugly/sexy/cute people in each race. <br />
The nice thing on EP is you can have discourse with people without knowing race, colour, looks. Get to know what they are like before seeing them.<br />
I'm not saying that we don't have preferences but by discounting a group you never get past your bl<x>inkers.<br />
<br />
And this is coming from someone with a russian, kurdish, iranian, mauritian, italian, indian heritage

haha! i know somebody like that. My boyfriend when we first got together said that he ONLY liked white girls. Not black, hispanic, and definately not asian. Me on the other hand think that asian girls are sometimes cute. But you're right... not sexy. I only like asians guys and my boyfriend is the first one i've ever met. You like who you like.