i am adopted, Korean American, but grew up with a very middle-class-white family....

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I am glad to hear it. Where I live, it is so diverse because we are a small town with a college that foreign countries find appealing. <br />
In other words, its cheap to go to school here. Many people here experience such problems such as yours. I see a lot of people who have problems dealing with the growing diversity of family ethnicity. Its sad, because, to me, people are people no matter where they originate. <br />
Good luck, Much happiness and I send my support for your strength in yourself.

i don't have any regrets, though i struggled with my own personal identity for a while. it was hard to identify who i was...was i "asian", "american"...."asian american"..? but i have been able to work through it and i can say that as of now, i'm a pretty happy and confident person :)

Do you have regrets? Are you happy?