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I am Asian. Raised in the Midwest (Iowa). It is very conservative 94% white. Not much Asian men to choose from. Most of the younger generations are dating interracially.   Sometimes we’ll hear crap from the older ones for not keeping the traditions and heritage alive. Which I think should be. I would want my child to speak and understand their grandparents along with lots of Asian traditions. Sadly some of the men I fall for don’t care for this. That is one of setbacks of interracial datting.
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I married a south asian woman and i respect her culture more than her! So if a white guy limits his dating pool to only white people does he have a white fettish? Why limit yourself by illusions such as race, culture etc.? We are all 99.99% the same.<br />
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And frankly who sants to have sex with someone who looks like thier sibling?

Hey, if you want to have sex with your sister have at it. I prefer variety. Though come to think of it we probably all SHOULD intermarry so you closed minded people would have to find new criteria to base your hate on. You can still hate based on religion if you like.

Well then so much for your "high IQ". Might want to get re-tested. You do not seem to be able to comprehend the difference between figurative an literal. Maybe if you Google the definition it will help.

Your arguments are specious.

I am afraid your super high IQ is not coming through. Did Mommy tell you this was the case or did you have it tested? Maybe the rest of us just cannot relate to such genius. Sounds like you are just a dumb **********. Literally….this time.

Too funny.

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I am never sure if I do indeed have an asian fetish. Fact is I have dated women for every race and many different cultures. I grew up right outside NYC, my cousin worked in the UN, so lots of exposure to people from all over the world.<br />
However, I lived in japan for 14 years and traveled to China and SE asia, because it was easier to get to than Europe or America.<br />
I still speak japanese and am learning Chinese, because I like the sound of the language. I have also studied philosophy from all over the world. I like the elegant simplicity which when thought about is amazingly complex.<br />
I think all children should know two or three languages, study music, which helps with math and sports which helps coordinate the brain and make you generally smarter.<br />
I do not think this has anything to do with respect, it is a basic value I hold in raising children. My daughters were raised in japan and currently one is at Stanford and the other Berkeley, my eldest speaks Japanese like a native (well not too odd she is one) and speaks passable Mandarian as well. I only speak a smattering of both Mandarin and Cantonese. My youngest lost her Japanese, thought she goes back to visit obaachan most years. She is studying it now, but speaks intermediate Spanish.<br />
As to a woman being equal, I for the life of me cannot understand why she would feel the need to lower herself down, to become equal to me.<br />
But I also think love is over rated and it is far better to like the person you marry and truly enjoy their company. Love comes over time as you rub against each other and come to fit more closely.<br />
One day you wake up and realize you are in love in a profoundly deep, quiet yet immense way.<br />
But that's just me.<br />
Other people like big fireworks.<br />
I am more of an ocean kinda guy

I think that, if there's a mutual attraction between you and a guy and he decides to become romantically involved with you, he shouldn't have any problem at all with keeping traditions, culture, etc., alive. Only a person who actually RESPECTS you, would give a **** and agree with you on it 100%, someone you don't have to justify anything to. You shouldn't have to justify or deny anything at all. If that's how it is with a guy, tell him to just go **** himself, and go find someone who'll respect you and see you as an equal, a person, a human being.

I’m scared of those types. Sort of makes me feel like they have an Asian fetish.

Well fetish is used as a negative word to describe a particular preference sometimes. I would look at it more like this. Some people like blond hair and blue eyes. Some like tall dark and handsome. Some guys may prefer darker or lighter skin tones. If a guy likes you because there are particular features you have that he has a preference for, that should not bother you. If that's all he wants though and is not interested in the person behind the features, then yes avoid that type of guy. But a healthy interest in your background would actually be a good thing. He would likely be more willing to make adjustments to match you. You may find that you argue less that way.

you need to find a white guy who is fascinated by Asian culture