1) have the doctors figured out what's wrong with you yet? (also manifests as 'still got the fever?' or 'are you feeling better yet?')

    answer: no. (and 'yes' and 'no'.)

2) is that your natural hair colour?

    answer: yes.

3) when are you planning on having kids?

    answer: never.

4) why don't you want kids?

    answer: variations on 'none of your business'

5) are we done with this piece of music? (i get asked this multiple times, every sunday)

    answer: i have no idea. (i never know. why would i know? i'm not in charge!)

6) did you have kids' choir today? (i get asked this every wednesday)

    answer: no. (i haven't done kids' choir in over a year)

7) what are you reading?

    answer: this book i have in my hand.

8 and 9) where were you born?

    answer: here.

    follow up question: but you don't have an accent!?!

    answer: sorry?

10) are you swedish/german/dutch/icelandic/albino?

    answer: nope. just delightfully pale.

11) did you braid your hair yourself?

    answer: yes. (who do you think braided it, my husband? my cat?)

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17 Responses Mar 13, 2008

OMG can the world ever grow a brain with all the abused kids in america alone, the overloded foster care system can't someone add 2+2 and get 4 as to how some of them got her? (Not that you would hurt them if you had them)<br />
<br />
Idiots like the ones above and society wide who force people to have children by pushing it at them night and day ingraining it from childhood to be a whole human being you must have kids (NOT)<br />
<br />
and with all the ones who have kids and don't take care of them all the ones who don't know how to take care of them or treat them horribly hate them you would think the idiots above would find it refreshing to deal with somone who simply says i don't want any (whatever your reason is <br />
<br />
it is up to the person some people do actually know themselves know they don't have the patients skill love or anything to give a child so they do the smart thing and don't have any as opposed to the dumb thing do it anyway and well you read the headlines

then the non-sequitors could at least get you out of that question<br />
<br />
or you could ask why they are so interested in your uterus

oh no. they will not be deterred from the talking. ever. they must have taken some kind of oath. or something. they looooove to talk to me. all of them. whyyyyy!!!!! ::sob::

you could always come back with a complete non-sequitor<br />
<br />
"When are you going to have babies?"<br />
"Oh, no thank you. I don't like pop-corn." <br />
<br />
After a while, they will quit asking... also, they may just quit talking to you though

lol :) most of the people that ask me about it are at church, so that wouldn't work on them :/

LOL, that is a good one<br />
<br />
I've told peple that if I got pregnant I would prepare for the apocolypse or the second coming of christ - people who know me at all then point out that I'm not a christian, and I say "exactly"... usually ends the conversation

i sometimes tell people that if i ever were to get knocked up, i'd sell the baby for parts.

I get asked the kid question as well. People always tell me I'll change my mind one day. I tll them if I ever decide I want the little bastards, I'll adopt.

oh, you mean ask to see it? they can't see it. it was removed when i was a baby, bc my parents decided it would be easier for me to go through life as a female. but i don't have a fully developed uterus, of course. therefore, sterile as the day is long.

it'll be super sweet :)

hahahahah<br />
<br />
someone's going to call you on that eventually ;)

which, the baby question? no, i'm saying i'm a hemaphrodite from now on. but since i've resolved to do that, no one's asked me. they must sense it....

Maybe you should make little cards with a devastatingly well constructed argument and a lolcat on them, and then hand them out in response to The Question?

it's a super fun question, for sure. and people never want to hear MY answer, they want to hear THEIR'S.

The baby question makes my inner feminist snarl. Thanks for once again establishing the moronic expectations society has for every woman! Also, good job reinforcing the pressure women feel to "fulfill" their lives by having children!

one of these days.......!

I especially feel sympathy for you about the kids question. I get pestered about this all the time, and it's annoying as crap, even though I actually want to have some.<br />
<br />
They more they ask, though, the less excited I feel about it...