I Don't Know What Else To Do

This is my first time I have been on a on-line chat kind of thing. I have been depressed since I have been a child. I am currently trying to deal with severe depression, chronic fatigue, fibro and panic/anixety. I go to counseling abut every other week to weekly. I used to workout and volunteer at the local animal shelter. I am currently on SSD. I can not seem to get moving. This has been going for years. Up and down. Since July 2012 however I have been down and cannot seem to get up and get moving. I really need help or a friend. I have no friends and that is my fault. I know that. Family members do not understand me or how tired I am. I have no life.
Beanerdee Beanerdee
36-40, F
3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I see several views on my short story but no comments or emails. Does noone else deal these issues? I am the only one? I am looking for help, a friend.

Thank you for a response. I don't know how to get up and do something. I don't leave the house unless I really have to for a Dr. appt or grocery store.

I've been there..and back.. I still have issues,but mainly with large crowds. How do you get up?? You say to yourself I'm not living in a cave like this anymore. Not that simple of course,but a big 1st step.

Good Morning.. You are not alone. Many on here deal with the same thing. Also many success stories here ..I am one. Learning to cope is never easy..but it is possible