Please Pray For Me And My Family

 I am in desperate need of prayer my life seem to be falling apart I lost my family and my job My employment benefit has run out. I have been looking for a job for the last 10 months and found nothing. I feel my wife and kids have betrayed me, I feel alone most of the time, I feel my life is over, I tried to be the best father and husband I could be I always felt I was being used by my on family, of coarse I would have to take some of the blame on the way my life have turn out. I just want my family back and a good job to support them and joy and happiness in my life. I know in the pass I didn’t have Jesus in my life that was my first mistake. I pray everyday and hope Jesus here me, I accept Jesus as my lord and savior. I need help please pray for me to Jesus to help me through this and answer my prayer. I can’t make it without Jesus help; this is too much for me to handle alone.I want to get better and do the will of God.
Thank you
James Peterson
jamespeterson9p jamespeterson9p
5 Responses Jul 25, 2010

I will pray for you James. God WILL bless you.

I have prayed for you.May god be with you.Whatever happens.Know that it is for a reason. && pray for yourself also.

I'm not christian myself, but I believe in my own things, powers and spirits.. So I'll pray and I'll think of you and happyness of you family in my way! Stay strong, believe and keep opened your soul for all good and positiv! Don't lose you faith! Lord hears you and will not let you down! You are not alone!

I will pray for you!, Have faith, faith in change. Things can always get better, chin up, and stand strong, the Lord is by your side!

I will pray for you and your family. Stay strong.<br />
Keep looking for a job first, after that you can concentrate on how you can get your family back.<br />
<br />
Goodluck and God bless.<br />
I hope everything will turn out good for you soon.