Please Keep Me In Your Prayers...

I'm battling a pelvic infection that's spreading despite antibiotics. I might have to be hospitalized tomorrow, and I'm scared I won't be able to tolerate the new medications. I had a severe reaction to a sleep med 2 years ago that left me very sick for over a year. Since then, almost all medications bring some of those past symptoms back to the surface and it's so hard to stick with the treatment... Only God's strength can get me through this ordeal because I know I have nothing left within me. Please pray that I'll make it through, that these new medicines won't affect me badly, and that this infection won't take away my fertility. I only have 1 ovary left after multiple surgeries. I'm so tired, sick, and scared of what's happening to me. Please, if you have a few minutes and think of me, I would really appreciate your prayers. Healing seems so far away right now...
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4 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Virtual hugs from way over the webosphere!<br />
People love you. That in itself will make it better. Promise.

Good luck to you! I will pray for you! Let us know how you are!

...Lord ,I don't know who this young lady is ,But YOU DO.<br />
Father ,This woman ,YOUR child has reached out in faith asking for belivers to pray for her.<br />
In the name of Jesus,I lift this young lady up.Lord ,we humbly ask for Your Power in the healing of this woman.We ask for wisdom for her doctor that they might find med's that she can take.And Lord ,i ask that any hand that should touch her be filled with mercy and kindness.<br />
In the name of Jesus,I Thank-You for hearing our prayers...Amen and Amen

god bless you.. good luck, if it makes you feel better theres always worse cases look up some things that would you feel better about your self and health see the people who are suffering more than you are and it will make you appriciate what you have and thank god that its not any worse. knowing that you are doing something about your sickness should make you smile everyday, and positive thoughts like, atleast there are anibiotics to treat me, and every other positive thing going on in your life at the moment. being negative, saying that nothing will work wont help you get any better ( two things going wrong wont fix anything) so you might as well be happy and let your mental health win the battle!!!