Please Pray For Me

I am a 42 years old and is now in a shelter with my 15 year old  son my wife of 18 years betray me and domestically abuse me and she continues to get away with so much and I've only been good to my family and I've been going through so much suffering of getting an home for me and my son but nothing good ever happens everyday things get worst all need is a pray for hope and for god to watch over us and protect us.  for me and my son to happy again.  for me
paul1349 paul1349
41-45, M
3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

I know what its like to wonder where your going to sleep tomorrow.Me and my children have been there.Focus on the positive dear. Remember that this to shall come to pass.Those words have got me through some tough times in my life.Along with reading the bible.I will pray for you right now.<br />
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may gods angels surround you and your child now and always.

thank you so much

Paul,<br />
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I will pray for yours and your son's health. I will pray that your life may be guided by the Holy Ghost, and I pray that GOD's will may be done upon you.<br />
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I will pray also for your wife, that GOD may fill her heart with His love.<br />
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I will pray that your son may mature to become a loyal servant of our loving GOD, and that these tough periods may only strengthen a loving and courageous character within him. <br />
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I send you my best wishes. May GOD bless you.