Please Pray For Me. I Need It...

I am humbly asking for prayers that all negative feelings towards me by the man I truly love would be replaced by compassion and the love he still has for me. Keep his love burning strong enough to forgive me and to be willing to stand up from this major bump and continue our relationship. I have completely wronged him but every inch of me is crying out for him and his compassion and the love I have for him. I'm slowly dying inside. Please pray for me.
chefhazel chefhazel
4 Responses Nov 19, 2010

Thank you for the message, Princess! I have been inconsolable since Tuesday but got a break last night. We actually went out and had a good time. Although he still talks about me being JUST a friend (which kills me), I accept it because I know that I have deceived him and I deserve this. I accept that hoping STILL that one day God will replace that with compassion and faith that we can work it out again.

You're such a beautiful soul! You have admitted your wrongs and yet have not given up on yourself! You are so full of hope that I am now believing certain things may perhaps be possible for my life, day.. :) It's refreshing to see someone who's willing to admit their wrongs, dry their eyes, pull themselves back up on their feet and fight for the love they so strongly believe in! You are so determined and so positive!!! I believe it's this very attitude that will help you through this deeply troubled time you're now experiencing. I not only hear you, but feel your love, faith and hope! I will be more than happy to pray for you hon! All I ask of you, if I may, is to please go easy on yourself, for you are only one is perfect! You've taken an amazing step here that many are too often unable or simply unwilling to do! Pat yourself on the back for you're still a good person, worthy of love AND worthy of forgiveness, ALWAYZ!!! I hope you'll be able to forgive yourself as well ;) *Hugz for you* I will keep you in my daily thoughts and prayers hon...Be good to yourself! *If you need to talk you can PM me* I'd be more than happy to listen :)

Thank you, Ashitel! You can't imagine how burden you have lifted off of me. Thank you very much! I am dying but not losing hope. With God NOTHING is impossible!

I surely will! I understand how u feel! Do take care!