Wicked Spirits

Please pray for the secretaries at my workplace because we have all been victims of accidents during the month of April and May and within a short space of time.  The last incident was horrible because it involved a hi-jacking where one of the secretaries was held up at gun point by two robbers and the vehicle was taken away but through the grace and mercy of GOD, the vehicle was recovered in about 15 minutes after reporting it to the police.  The vehicle had bullet holes only and all because the inside of the vehicle had the scripture of Psalm 91.  Praise GOD!  The vehicle flew over boulders and came to a standstill on the pavement without any major damages and not even the tyres were flattened or windows broken.  

I strongly believe that this is the work of the devil, and wicked spirits who have beenassigned to causeserious problems and consequences for secretaries so that they will not be allowed to drive company vehicles ever.  GOD knows that they are hard working, work long hours and report on duty earlier than the prescribed time.  Jealousy and envy is also a contributing factor.  

Let us join hands together and pray that whatever strategies and plans the devil has put in place, that those plans will not materialize.  It is rumoured that there will be a meeting where the Manager will give an instruction that secretaries will not be allowed to drive the company cars and apparently its going to be a very bad meeting.  Please pray that GOD will rule that the secretaries are allowed to drive the company cars and that they will not be taken away from them.  Pray that they will not even discuss this subject in this forthcoming meeting  and even in the near future.

I thank you . 
ardie ardie
3 Responses May 18, 2012

I will pray for you. Please pick up the book prayers that rout demons & Break Curses by John Eckhardt. There are some powerful prayers in this book and I suggest you all get together and pray these prayers.

i am praying

No weapon formed against us shall prosper and our adversaries will not rejoice over us.