Not For Me

I am asking for my youngest daughter (14 years old)

for the second year in a row she will be spending her spring vacation doing mission work in Mexico

she will be going to Aqua Viva Ministries

she will be leaving Easter Sunday April 12 and coming home April 18

she works with the children in Vacation Bible School

she needs to raise the money to go and it is hard this year

what she needs most is your prayers


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27 Responses Feb 15, 2009

She is doing the will of God. So he will take care about her.

Done! :-)

Will pray for her.<br />
Good luck.<br />
We wish you all the best.

You are a very trusting parent to let your daughter go to that part of the world. I also have a 14yo daughter, and I can't imagine letting her go for the summer. I applaud her efforts, she obviously is a very caring and sensitive person. I hope everything works out.

She is definately in my prayers :) I know you are very proud..God Bless

What a wonderful oppurtunity I have gone on three mexico mission trips and one costa rica mission trip it is such a blessing the last one I went on I took my 12 year old son with me it was very eye opening for him to see. I will keep her lifted in prayer.

She has mine. Good Luck


A daughter to be proud and amazed with. You both are blessed to have each other in your lives. My love and prayers are for you both, always.

I'm not into praying anymore. But I used to work for V.B.S. as well, and I know how much fun it can be, so your daughter will be in my prayers :) I wish her luck!

put your trust in GOD,he will provide the means,you are in my prayers

I shall add her to my prayer list my friend :-)

She has my very best wishes and I will keep her in my <br />
<br />
thoughts !

A prayer is sure from me.

God bless your daughter and I will pray for her.

She's in my prayers. You have a wonderful daughter.<br />
((((hugs))))for your daughter, ((((hugs))))for you

Amazing kid you've got. Best wishes.

YOU GOT IT! Sounds like you have a Wonderful Daughter,, and I always believe, the apple never falls far from the tree,,, :)

as part of her training she is going to<br />
Las Vegas NV next weekend to help with the homeless there

She is definately in my thoughts. We all wish her wellness and safety from all of us in the community.

I will pray for her Libra. I understand the money concerns all too well, but I will pray she gets the money she needs to go and do this.

I find that quite unbelievable!!! I have a 14year old daughter too. I don't think she would be ready for a task like that!!!!I will pray for her, up at the beautiful shrine that I go to often....Way to go...

God bless her! I will keep her in my prayers.

I have added her to my list of people to pray for. Be proud of yourself for teaching her to be a thoughtful loving person. ib

Praying *hugs*

She has mine, my friend. As do you waiting at home and worrying. xxoo (((((Hugs)))))

my daughter is going out of pure love<br />
<br />
love of helping <br />
love of children<br />
love of self<br />
love of traveling<br />
<br />
in this day and age it seems hard to find a young person<br />
who is like this<br />
but this is a group of high school and collage kids who do this every year