My Granddaughter

please pray for me that i will see my granddaughter soon and for Daniel that was in a accident. And please please pray for my I am thinking of taking my own life

tily tily
41-45, F
3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Know that God is with you through all your ups and downs. I'm SURE that you will see your granddaughter and Daniel soon. Just believe in the Lord and He WILL protect you. Give him your entire heart and truly see His glory. Rejoice in the Lord for He is with us!

Please Please do not do this. Life is short enoughand so many would be hurt by the loss of you. Your personal pain right now will pass. You are being prayed for right now. I know you love others.<br />
Think of them. Seek a sucide hot line. Seek your bible. Call a friend. Eat some chocolate,my personal medicine. Pray the Lord's blood on you to send your demons far away and bring your joy back to you.<br />
God's grace and peace be upon you spirit.

You have my prayer, please don't hurt yourself.