I used to be a pushover. Too kind, too nice, way too innocent for my own good.

Eventually I saw things for what they really are. People aren’t exactly angels I mean its just common sense. When you see the way people treat others they think they can push around. How they walk all over them. Not a thought in their mind of their own ignorance the lack of anything especially compassion. Then you see all the other dickheads that see, but do nothing about it because it goes against the norms or its embarrassing to make a scene. Or their just too afraid? A bunch of cowards that are just as bad.

Well you decided to say “fcuk you” to the world and everything in it.

Without being ignorant, rude or disrespectful. Just a subliminal view towards things. You can be yourself. I’m only me right. But in doing so you feel NO obligation to prove or make out something that its not to anyone. A disregard to anything that puts you off balance. It makes life a lot easier.

In the end I know who I am. I know what I want and I know what’s important to me. Being assertive is a vehicle which helps me express this. There’s no way I am ever to let anything stand in my way, yet at the same time I’m not one to retaliate in disrespect because of it. Or walk over somebody to get there.

I don’t care what anyone thinks, least of all of me.
It has no effect on me or to me. And in the end what difference does an opinion make anyway. Ive learnt an un-educated opinion is always bias usually full of gossip then that of a conversation. Those kina people are not worth my time.
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3 Responses Jul 10, 2010

This entire posting is one big assumption about people. ^_^

FYI: Educated people can be just as ****** up...if not, moreso, because they use their knowledge for evil gain.

you sound ....assertive! =D