I would say until mid July I felt pretty good about my life and seemed to be making good on my goals. I felt great but at some point I saw myself for what I really am. A 22 year old woman who still lives with her parents hasn't had a job or boyfriend and I'm home schooled what do I do.
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You are still young! When I was 22, I still lived at home and didn't yet have a boyfriend either. I wasn't homeschooled, but I went to a small self paced Christian school where I basically taught myself. I had no social skills because my dad beat us for talking to pretty much anyone out in the world (even in the school), and we were only allowed to talk to our siblings. I didn't leave home till age 24, but that was only because my other siblings staged an intervention.

My advice to you: go back to your goals. Which ones are doable now? Which ones are short term, which are long term, and what steps can you take now to put your future plans in motion.

Write down what you want your life to look like 5 years from now, then 10 years from now. Then read it to yourself often in the present tense ("I am living on my own, I have a boyfriend/husband, I have a career I love that involves ___ etc, Instead of "I want ______." Then by reading in the present tense, you can capture the satisfaction of achieving all your goals... Before you do. Then harness that enthusiasm and momentum now to guide you.

Wow I thought me and my siblings were the people in the world who got the house is your forever treatment but I was wrong and thank you for your wise yet empowering words. I hope to talk to you in the future cause this is so what I needed!

You are so not alone in this. <3 I know networks of young people in your situation and in the midst of getting out of it, and others my age who are still recovering from that kind of upbringing. I will find a link to the forum and send it to you. I would be glad to be a listening ear and share experiences.

I don't know how I can if ever thank you enough for this.

:))))) I was in your shoes, I know somewhat how it must feel, and it isn't a fair start to life.

This is a website that's pretty helpful if your homeschooling was religious.


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