I'm sitting here by myself, my wonderful family sleeping. It is and should be all I need, but I have never felt so alone. The point in my life, where I have people who want to love me and my story can change, and I'm not letting it happen.

Even when I was locked in a basement while my step-father was beaten, or when I awoke in my bed with my dad beating my mother. Or when my mom was an aloholic and called me a ***** andon and on. All those moments when I was sure would be the worst of my life, even then I did not experience what I am right now. My husband who is the most exceptional person you can have in your life, and my children who love me like no other could.

I am my mothers daughter, I want to be my daughters mother. I am at a crossroad and already walking towards a path of distruction. And every ounce of my being does not want to go, but I'm being sucked in and I feel I have no control.

I want to live, I want to love and be loved and can't.

BabyLuv BabyLuv
26-30, F
Jul 19, 2007