Which Way

im currently a recovering addict, an i have a partner who is also an addict. He likes to get wrecked an i want to move past that fase of life now but i really love him and dont think i cud go on with out him, im so confused what to do n every time i try talk to him about it we end up arguing n it gets brushed under the carpet!!!! i dont wanna keep doing drugs n getting wrecked i want to move forward in life he says he does to but i dont get that feeling from him . i dont want to leave him but we are constantly arguing with each other and cant stand to be around each other at the minute. he does actually embarrass me sometimes with the states he gets into in-front of people. i dont want to hurt him or for him to hurt himself some one please give me some advice coz i do love this man but really dont know what to do????
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Jan 19, 2013