I realise now, with problems. I used to turn away. To enter a world of some kind of extremist who strives to excel at something totally irrelevant, and derive happiness and excitement from that.

Now I am presented with a choice. Nay, now I SEE that choice. To face the problem, to search for solutions. To work on those problems I see as the most important issues in the world that need work right now.

I see them staring me in the face and it's depressing. It's not really depressing that I didn't see that choice before, or rather saw it and in that microsecond rejected it and fell into the easy temptation available to me.

No. It's depressing that those problems still beset us as a race of human beings. It is humbling and uplifting in one go to realise I am indeed one of those humans fooled and lost among those problems. However, I am beginning to awaken to the possibility of alternatives. In my lifetime. Now. Food Is Free Project. Green Party Politics. This is all possible.

Let us succeed. Let us win. Let us be happy in our own worlds.
cloudsoflife cloudsoflife
31-35, M
Feb 3, 2015