And Still I Seek To Grow...

I am at peace and comfortable with and with in my self. I am not always happy with what I do in a certain moment but I accept it as "what I have done" and go on. May be to learn from it and to change in the future and may be not. But I don't fret too much over the flawed person I am. I do my very best to pass this same understanding and acceptance on towards others as well. For, giving them the benefit of the doubt (till such a time as they prove undeserving of it) I trust that their intentions are for the best even as I believe mine are.

and still I seek to grow...
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1 Response Apr 20, 2011

This is just amazing. what a inspirational posting. i am marking it as a favorite. thank you for sharing ♥

so happy I can bless...

you are welcome, Moonstar312

thank you sor the encouraging comment. May we all grow!!