I Am Really Almost Ready To Give Up

Ok Ive had friends but right now this point for some odd reason it feels like no one is talking to me and everyones avoiding me. I basically right now only have one good friend but she is a busy person and cannot hang out alot. Ive had friends but now it just seems that everytime I text them or facebook them they avoid me. I tried to meet up with a friend of mine we havent talked in a while and she said we would defiently get together and  last minute she told me something else came up. I see people together around my age with a big group of girl and guy friends I wish I could have that. But it seems like no ones really intrested in getting to know me. My family isnt as close to me as they are with my sister. My sister lives in another state but my mom will tell her more stories about what happened at work and stuff than me. I dont know I have just been feeling lonely. I really try to forget about this stuff but when I am at work sometimes because my job can be kind of boring I think about it and start to cry. I am at the point right now I am at the end of the rope thinking of hurting myself I am not gonna do it now but eventually probably will. There is no point to live my life if I am not happy in it and if I do care about people and I try to reach out to them to talk and they wont listen.
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1 Response Sep 3, 2010

A key word come to mind, commonality. What things do you have in common with friends, family, co-workers. Each one group is different and none shall meet. so why not start a business that involve all these people at one time and you are the center of their attention. send me a private reply and I will show you how. Business is not so much about money making as it is sharing a common goal.