I am at the very very beginnings of it. I have a binder, which helps make my breasts not show as much so it looks like a man's chest. I have a few pairs of male underwear (boxer briefs and boxers and just plain briefs) i sometimes pass as male enough to use the male bathroom. I try to use the male bathroom as much as possible. I don't use it when I have my period. I also have a shirt that says "please ask me about my pronoun preference" with the transgender flag and symbol on the front with "please don't make gender assumptions" on the back with the same design as on the front. I am not on testosterone or planning to have any surgery yet at all, since like I said, I'm in the very beginning stages of it all. I am still trying to get my parents to call me he. It is a very hard and long possess. For anyone else who is or has gone through this, advice is much appreciated.
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