I Am In My Own Way

I am at war with myself because I get in the way of my own success.

Through some self-help therapies and open forum coaching I have discovered the probable root causes of my getting in my own way. Well, that is great knowledge to have. It is like overcoming denial and being able to see that there is an addiction which needs to be let go of. Now the true struggle or battle begins. I need to reprogram the thinking which is wielding the behaviors which undermine my success.

Ooops! I am a little stuck at this crossroad. Which way did the enemy go? Which issue should I wage war with first. The stomping ground is as big as the war on terrorism. So my issues from life experience include unworthiness, acceptance, and competency. I think my biggest enemy is acceptance. I think unworthiness and competency are red herrings or reuses to get me chasing my tail and going nowhere. They are the expendable forces or barricades to keep me from getting at the real giant in my way to success, acceptance.

So, now that I have narrowed down my target. I need to pick my weapon. Does anyone have any suggestions. Not caring whether I am accepted or not is not working for me. Procrastination and putting things off, feeling unfocused and working on irrelevant tasks is still manifesting. I am still fighting against myself in a major way, and I am not winning at the moment.
Sophora Sophora
3 Responses May 14, 2012

Well I wish you luck and much sucess! As His Word says, He will bless & prosper whatever you set your hand to. ((( HUGS)))

Explain, what is this about? Going live on your web site? Do, tell!?!??! Now I'm really curious....

I have been working on working for myself from home, and for me the endeavor involves web site development, as it is the main way I will conduct business. The Internet is the real estate for my storefront and office. Going live means I will be actively marketing my services and products, similar to a brick and mortar store grand opening. I am nervous, excited, and working out the last details.

I can so relate to what you are feeling. I, too, look for what it is that hinders me, to find it is myself! The only advice or thing I can think to do is, as always, go humbly to Our Father. He has great success working things out in my life.

Thanks for the response, LadyHawk68. I am making progress since I wrote the above story. Yes, I went to God from whom all blessings and wisdom flow, and fear was found to be the big bad destructive force in my closet. I am still telling it to get behind me. It is a troublesome and pesty spirit. A very tenacious foe, but my goal is to go live on my web sites on August 8, 2012. My expectation is that I will be blessed more than I ever could imagine. I am lighting the devil's pants on fire because he is a liar and not able to hold me down but wanting me to think he can.