The Devil In Me

Maybe it is just an exccuse to be bad, maybe not. I get tempted by something. I want sex in the worst way I really dont care wh it is with. or how ehe feels about me. I beat the Devil on drinking and quit, also smoking, also a bad diet si I can win if I try. Sx is another matter. It is such a strong need . Luckily I have an understanding woman, not my wife. My wife is a dead loss when it comes to sex. She wants cuddles and love with no sex which leads me to the edge then just good night...
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5 Responses Aug 1, 2010

Mm, a shrink would say communication is key. I'd probably say the same.<br />
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If sex is taboo to you or her, you probably need to delve into why you find it so. If there is a creator, logic would suggest he rigged you to want and need to have sex. I was never a proponent for the idea that contraception is somehow immoral or an affront to God.<br />
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It makes more sense to me to have a healthy outlet for your feelings, that doesn't result in an unwanted pregnancy, a rape, or an adultery. And what better way than giving the one you love pleasure?<br />
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Talk to her and find out what she likes, or why she's blue-balling you. It's unlikely deliberate, but who knows.<br />
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Good luck, pally. God Bless.

And you do make me blush! x

*blush* you flatter me. x

LOL so i'm a temptation now am I? Hmmmmmm - no bad thing eh? ;o) xx

Is the angel your temptation? ;o) x