We Got To Destroy Satan For Ourselves

Our salvation has been paid in full by Jesus sacrifice. We are saved! There isn't anything left. Satan picks on people of Christ because we are Jesus strongest army. We are Jesus strongest army! We have to destroy, and curse Satan. He is below us. God is the king, and always will be. Satan will pay his debts forever in Hell. That is the end of the world, Satan days are numbered!!! I thought I was being superman everyday. trying to do too much. You know how Satan enters your body, through one thing. Our minds. When we want to kill, guess who spirit is entering. Yep that's right. When we go into our thoughts, that is where we are the most vulnerable. Our minds, can create things. Close the mind!!!! Close your mind. Close it. We have the tendency to go into our thoughts. Don't do that. That why Satan can't enter your body. Don't allow your mind to open up. Keep it close.

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Our mind is the battle field. After Jesus fasted 40 days and nights, the devil tempted him by quoting the sc<x>ripture 3 times and each time Jesus replied 3 times with sciptures from the Bible because it's like a two edge sword. So when you say you're gonna fight the devil when he enters your mind, I suggest you read your Bible and prepare yourself. The devil will put bad thoughts in all of our minds, just rebuke him in Jesus's name and don't let sin conceive in your heart, it's your heart he's trying to get to.

Jesus said "Love your enemy"<br />
<br />
Jesus said, "Fear not evil"<br />
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Your religion sound very scary. What do you call it?

thanks for sharing. =) it sounds really helpful. also, O_O that.is.scary.... i better make sure no evil gets into my mind!! there are times when i end up thinking bad thoughts and one time wrote it down out of anger!! i dont want to THAT ever again!!