For Me, It's Simple

For me, it's simple. Religion is destroying this world. (Make that religion, politicians and multinational corporations.) We will not make it as a species unless people can get by religion and start using reason and fairness towards all.
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Religion isn't the reason why people are ****** to each other. People are ******** because they're people. If you look at major religious movements that have caused damage and scratch the surface... it's always about money.<br />
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For example, the huge rise in the south of some truly hateful fundamentalism is tied with the collapse of the economy and belief in the state. People become desperate, and that's why they turn to God and get really irrational. <br />
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That said, there are also some great, well-educated religious people. God is still make-believe, but trust me - getting rid of religion won't solve the world's problems. Certainly didn't in the USSR.

I agree with you conditional on what you mean by short and long term....sort of. But part of me still wants to say that fairness is an absolute. Everyone knows what it is, whether they admit it or not to themselves or others. But, that doesn't negate your point, does it? Let us perhaps say that rational self interest will work, if (and this is a big "if") one realizes that he or she has a huge stake in society and that many individual actions and choices affect us all.

The large organisations you mentioned ARE in control of the world, and why wouldn't they be?<br />
Unfortunately, most humans tend to follow leaders, good or bad, like sheep. A good few goats exist, who make their own paths and decide upon the best directions for themselves. But the goats don't seem to urge others to follow them. They just go their own way, taking much longer to wear a path for others to follow.<br />
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Religion has taught people that following them is the right thing to do. Just look at<br />
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Matthew 25:31–46<br />
The Sheep and the Goats<br />
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The sheep, who follow and cherish Jesus will be eternally rewarded, and the goats eternally damned.<br />
This takes great advantage of our natural tendency to follow, and has now been so deeply imprinted in our nature that it will take generations of de-programming to break these chains.<br />
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What chance have we goats of being followed when so much of the world won't even countenance a goat in parliament?<br />
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It would be nice to think that we can make everyone think for themselves, but I fear that all we can hope for is new leadership, rational and benevolent. Then we can watch human nature take over, and absolute power corrupt absolutely once again

My children and I don't agree on what is "fair". My wife and I don't agree on what is "fair". I cannot image people, who I have never met, who live half way around the world, and I are going to agree with what "fair" is. Religion, government and multinational corporations are all trying to impose their ideas about fairness on us.<br />
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We need to all act on our own needs remembering to balance short and long term consequences.