A Surreal Chat With A Fanatic.

Surreal little conversation with some one on YouTube that started out with a fanatic actually claiming Joan of Arc was being spoken to by god. Then she decided it was Satan who did it. It's an incredible disconnect with reality and im just so stunned i thought i ought to post it here.

Ok everybody i love the legends but you do get that Joan was just a schizophrenic mascot.
lsynno 1 month ago

And your a dumbass mascot. She believed God was talking to her. The veil between Heaven and Earth is thin. I believe you can hear Him and His angels if you listened harder. I dont think she was a "schizophrenic mascot" as your ignorant opinion declared
evilpiratemermaid in reply to lsynno

Do you realise Joan said she was ordered by god to kill (Christian) Englishmen is your god a god of genocide and racism if not then it couldn't be god speaking to her.
lsynno in reply to evilpiratemermaid

Satan also masquarades himself as God or an Angel. If it wasnt God, it could've been him taking advantage of Joan...
evilpiratemermaid in reply to lsynno 3 hours ago

Also any ideas for a reply that doesn't start " you crazy *****" I got nuthin for that level of crazy.
Randomguy22 Randomguy22
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

I have to admit that Christians do act like Atheists sometimes because God's people disobey, fall away from him, sometimes bash their faith and it is true. We all hate, so we allow Satan in. It is bad. Pray about it. Talk to you later