You will not stop us we will not stop we will not change we will never change for you we will never give in you ******* idiots think you make us mad think that that will change us go ahead spam all you want you will only hurt your cause true atheist will never change we will never give in to such stupidity such annoyances you think they will stop letting us post as we wish you think they will remove us for this you are ignorant fools we will be the ones who benefit not you so please continue so that we may be seen as the victims of this crime
renguard renguard
18-21, M
3 Responses Aug 30, 2014

Extremely long run on sentences...

What. ???????

You need to understand that not every Christian is a bible thumping maniac who hates atheists and condemns them all to a fictitious hell for not believing exactly as they do . :-)

As a believer in god I understand your anger and would defend your right against anyone trying to stop you posting your views ..