A Thank You From Our President...

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Our president coddles the weak too much at the expense of our economy. One day there won't be any upper class to keep feeding the mouths of the overpopulated poor that continue to breed like wild animals.

Thats a skewed view, I don't see it that way:P Sounds like rightwing hate spewing. Anyway your jesus would strongly disagree with you!

Ummm..... Last time I checked, the Bush tax cuts were in effect through his first term and just recently repealed to not even close to pre-Bush rates..... Seems to me, the Richest among us had a great time as the stock market has risen to record levels.... And that was after the tax increases..... Seems to me, after reviewing my pay stubs over the last twelve years, the rich are coddled.... ARE YOU BLIND OR STUPID?

Hopefully he does a better job this time around... Geeze!!!

I saw those tears on Friday and thought to myself, it doesn't matter that he's the President of the United States and the most powerful man in the world, first and foremost he is a man. He has the same feelings as everyone else and this is what happens when you feel what you say. I wish him all the best...

I cried with our President....thank you.

A true gentleman who knows giving back in thanks is so important

Absolutely great....the video shoes Sanity prevailed!

Thank you. That is stirring.

And, get out the popcorn because the rethugs are cannibalizing their own. Instead of actually changing their policies and actions their only thought is that they need to change the "message." Well, that, and to move even more rightward. All they have to sell is their hatred.

With more and more poor, young people coming into voting age every election cycle, what is the GOP doing to stay relevant? Whatever it is, it's not working. This is the worst economy that a president has ever been re-elected in. Maybe not the worst, I don't know. But I know the Romney campaign was pretty much banking on that fact to get elected. And it failed. They got Indiana back, and that was it. Virginia, which has been a red state for AGES, went blue these past two elections. The landscape has changed and the GOP needs a reinvention. Especially since they're only associated with war now.

Well... we've got this "5 point plan," but we don't want to bore you with the details. And also we don't have enough time for that right now. And it's pretty complicated, too. Just you don't worry your pretty little head about it.

Ummm... Heard the same crap from Nixon... The secret way to get out of Vietnam... Republicans always have a secret plan. Remember when W said his VP nomination would "shock the nation with excitement"? And, it was the penguin! Yeah a 5 point complicated plan... Right. Your right about one thing, I won't worry about you tired, aging, white guys that captured 61% of the white vote and still had your ***** handed to you......

The first rule of secret plans: You do not talk about secret GOP plans.
The second rule of secret plans: You do NOT TALK ABOUT SECRET GOP PLANS.

Secret plan epic fail: Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Chuckles97. Some of us tired old white guys have been fighting, it seems, forever for some justice in this nation. If we had more tired old white guys like Bernie Sanders things would be far better than they are now.

Y'know, some of us genuinely love our nation, our land, while I have seen many immigrants who's ideals are to exploit as much as possible for their family alone.

Unions gave me: 40 hr work week, week ends, health care, retirement plans, safety in the work place, a fair wage (even non-union workers benefit from the union rate as this sets the standard), ombudsmen, training programs, so much more but the nicest thing: Labor Day!!!!!!!

Yeah..... How about "drill baby drill!" We end up exporting diesel to China! Diesel will never be under $4 a gallon even when gas drops below $3! Truckers are loosing their ***** and the GOP thinks the free market is fair.... An amazing thing that GOP! Funny stuff.

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Who was he talking to?

He was

yes it was at campaign headquarters.

Oh, thank you. :)

And just think about how Romney handled things. His aides, working late and taking cabs back to where they were staying found that their campaign credit cards were cancelled.

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He's not perfect ok but are those that vilify him so much better?

Gracious and eloquent as ever ......truly humbling........four more years !!