Yeah, Right!

Honey, you look like a supermodel and you're obviously hot to trot. You're sweet and kind and caring and you love kids. You're independently wealthy, you're healthy, in your prime. Every guy in the office -and half the girls- would kill to get you into bed.

But if you can't hold up your end of a conversation about recombinant DNA technology, or you think Shroedinger's Cat is a cartoon series, then you just don't stand a chance with me.

Yeah, right! Come over here!

amberdextrous amberdextrous
51-55, M
4 Responses Nov 23, 2009


You got it in one there, BelleRaven! But if the chemistry is good, I don't really care how smart she is.

so what you saying is...?..just being hot is not the best,if you don't have brains to accompany it,right?<br />
<br />