Is It Possible?

I believe love at first sight, yeah i am young but it just had to happen. I was in florida with my friends and this kid and his friends run up to us. We introduce eachother and this sexy blond with deep blue eyes and shaggy hair and a totall hott bod he was flirting with ME! i never had a guy, well someone as hot as him talk to me, guys like that talk to my friends i was really surprised. They then took us to a party that night and MITCH ( the hottie, my guy) was all over me, he liked me and we accually had alot in common, he lived 7hrs and 5 minutes away from me and thats 2 states away from my state. We hung all week every day and tried to spend as much time. I think i was in love or if we kept going for a month it would have been love. He was ahmazing, hes the only guy that got me and i had to fall for a guy from another state.... typical !
crazyonex13 crazyonex13
18-21, F
May 14, 2012