He's The One!!.

Well for starters my name is Monet, Im 20 yrs old Live in Oklahoma. Im not the type of person to meet people off the internet, but i gave it a try and he found me. I gave it a shot to go ahead and see what he was about, however he lives 200 miles away 4 1/2 hrs from me, I have no transportation right now, Im currently unemployeed. We started talking and we got to know alot about each other he has a daughter and everything with his life is totally straight and under control. I felt like god answered my prayers individually, because he was everything ive been hoping, wishing, praying, and writting for, and here he is right in front of me, hes so good to be true. One day he completely suprised me out of the blue he called me and said " hey i got something to tell you" i said what is it, he siad are you sure you want to hear it, i said yes! and he says i coming to Oklahoma tonight ill be there at 8:45pm are you going to be there and available, i said yes i stopped everything my heart was beating 500miles an hr, i couldnt breathe i was sooo so so so happy and so excited. And immediately went out shopping and getting ready right then. He showed up and as gorgeous as can be and so sweet and i just couldnt believe my eyes. He could only stay for 2hrs though, because he had to get back to Missouri and work the next morning. so i cried when he left because i never had someone like him and the way he treated me, OMG!!! He was so amazing. Well 4 days later he came to see me again and we spent time together he stayed in town until the next day he met my family and everyone loved him, when come time to leave i broke down harder than ever cried the whole way back home, had to stop because i couldnt take it, he had to hang up the phone with me because he started crying. It was so life changing to meet him " that man ive been waiting for this whole entire time." After 2 1/2 weeks of dating he called it off because he felt like i needed to take care of myself, and do things for me pretty much put my priorities first. I cried for 3 days straight praying and asking god to pleeease help me and keep him here, well.... That didnt seem to happen i think about him everyday 24/7 and cant stop i cry everynight talking to god about him i want, need and deserve him now, and in my future. He said he wants to see me in his future with him but just not right now..... PLEEEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me advice, help me!!! PLEASE i need him and i Love him never told him how i felt as being in love with him because i didnt want to run him off or away i just want to be with him so bad, so as of right now ive been looking for jobs everyday and trying to get enough money to get a car so i can show him that im in it 100% i want to be able to meet him 50% and he be 50%. What should i do let him go, or try to persue him or give him as much space as he and i need apart until i can get a car and my life together, I messed it up for myself... I love him so much and never never ever felt like this from the bottom of my heart for any other guy. Im heartbroken HELP ME PLEASE!.?

Monet1989 Monet1989
18-21, F
Dec 7, 2009