Bad Boys In Most Girls Mind Is What Society Before Us Used To Call For A "man!"

I've heard so many girls say that they are into bad boys, and when they start to describe how "the bad boy" is... it's really not falling under the category of bad boy, sorry ladies, but what most of you want is a man who has the attitude of the 60's but dresses like the 20th century hooligan! unless you really are on of those girls who do want the bad boys aka beat you up, suffers of severe social disorder issues, violent, drug issues, educational problems and the list goes on and on...

Guys and girls need to understand that the title bad boys goes beyond the saggy pants, the hoddies, the eye makeup, the tattoos and piercings (and whatever else u may think looks bad), it is ALL about the attitude and manners that define you as "bad boy", that is if you have them! Let me explain a bad boy to you --> it is a man who sets his foot down for his "woman" and means No when he says No, a man who leads the way in the relationship with an iron grip (without the use of violence of course but always leaves the hint that violence will happen if he was not obeyed), He doesn't consult with his woman about anything because he is "the man of the household, unless it is how she should make his sandwich!".. It's basically a man who has the mentality of "MY woman, my house, my rules, me , me , me, me!" as well as works to make the gender roles between them obvious, which is "i bring the bread and you bake it !" type of mentality and approach (cave man mentality in a nutshell).. And THAT my friends is what most girls want for a bad boy to be and consider as a real bad boy , while the true bad boys of today are by the police considered and classified as "criminals", and only VERY few percentage of girls go for them or want to be with them, the average kind of girl is looking for the type of bad boy i described (in my opinion)

But as for me and my kind of girls, we want us the gentlemen,... the smooth, soft, sweet and romantic MEN (not boys, never boys!)... who use nothing but tenderness, gentleness and caring as their means of forcing their ways and opinions down our throat or black mail us with a foot rub, massages, candle lit dinners as they tries to get us to do what he wants us to or get permission to go on a weekend trip with his boys, (unlike the bad boys who'll take off without a word and come back out of thin air a weekend later!)... i do not like or want bad boys, the criminals or the sissies, i'll leave em ALL for the "girls",,, but as for me?? i want me and will wait for the gentleman of my life to come and claim this lady, brush the dust off my shoulders and turn me into a Queen and mother, which will make all the waiting and struggles worth it! <3

My Question is this; What do YOU mean when you say "i like bad boys".... like, what would make him or what does he do to be "bad"?
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I like being a bad boy in bed from time to time, but that is mostly about role playing. If you **** somebody hard and fast, does that make you a bad boy? Although my lady friends want that occasionally, but it is all in taking signals and cues. I would never just leave on a weekend without telling my significant other, if I had one. That would be bad and selfish.