Bald Men Are So Handsome

From Uncle Fester on the Adams Family, Telly Zavalas, or Vin Diesel........there is just something about a bald man. With or without facial hair, they just turn heads and catch eyes. I have been lucky enough to date a couple and I hope I get that opportunity again.
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5 Responses Aug 21, 2012

Thank you for posting this! Good to know that a full head of hair isn't what every woman wants ('cos I can't oblige and that's without shaving!!). :) In reality though it's what is inside the person, their character and behaviour that lasts, looks and usually hair don't! Thank you. :)

so ,do men with a full head of hair turn you off?

Thank you. I just started shaving mine. People say I really look good. They lots of men can't pull it off but they say I do. I do love it like this

I have been shavin my head for like 16 yrs and I have to agree %100 will send ya a pic

bald man are cute as well men long hair and goaties