Both Outside And Inside Of Me

Man, there's beautiful stuff all around me, everywhere I go.  It might be an innocuous news-stand in the mall, looking cute amidst the neon and clutter.  It may be an old church, or the way the sunshine relects off of the skyscrapers downtown.  I could spend an entire day, probably, admiring beauty in its many forms.  The mountains, the ocean, the sky, the stars and moon, children's art, the list goes on.

It begs the question of why I miss out on appreciating one of the most beautiful things that will accompany me my entire life:  me!  I'm too used to my flaws, both on and beneath the surface.  I know where I've stumbled and fallen and where I've had to scramble to pick up the pieces before carrying on the next leg of this journey.  I doubt, am as hard on, and as unforgiving towards myself as most people.  I have to remind myself time and again that I am a worthwhile person, worthy of being forgiven for my transgressions too.  One of my friends recently reminded me of how I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps the person I spend most of my time with deserves some of that, too?  Perhaps I should pay him some more tender loving care?
UnderEli UnderEli
46-50, M
Aug 12, 2010