Fat: Its Not A Four-letter Word!

Come on people! Let's say what we really mean and quite trying to be politically correct!

I am a FAT man - not just a big man. And I prefer FAT women! For me, and those who are kindred spirits, its often the fat itself, not just the size that's appealing...

Fat is sensual. It is soft and yielding. It jiggles and bounces seductively. When abundant enough, one can sink into it, losing one's self - or simply a part of one's self... ;)

Fat is warm. It is comforting. It is fun to play with, grab and jiggle. Fat bulges when confined to too small a space, often making it even more alluring.

So get with it folks! Frankly, I PREFER being called FAT than just big! Ive always hated euphemisms, especially when I see no need to obfuscate what we really mean!

FAT is the new SEXY. Once you've had FAT you never go back! ;)
iammarek iammarek
46-50, M
Dec 3, 2012