Meat On the Bones

    I'm not a big girl. I guess you could say I'm curvy. I'm a size 6 (ish) and I'm 5'1. I have always been attracted to bigger men. I'm not talking like obese. But chunky is awesome. I like when I put my arms around their waist and I can't reach my hands. I feel so safe. Muscles are cool if you work hard to get them. But it's just not my thing. I like a big guy who can pick me up like its nothing. I have never dated a skinny guy. Not even in high school. So yeah... that's my story.

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I love reading about women who feel similarly to me.

hahahaha! i have always been here. but im already taken! and i dont think my man will share lol.

Just soft kisses on your neck and ear lobes. Silky whispers of what I want. Tender touches to arouse your interest in some........conversation.<br />
<br />
<br />
And if that doesn't work lots and lots of Mezcal!

missj is back for the moment. needit, how are u gonna get that story out of me? try to get me wasted huh? drcynic, don't be sad. six screwdrivers and i'd be passed out lol

It's fun being obese, because people leave you alone when you need to be... Only problem is, they also tend to leave you alone when you want to be with them...<br />
<br />
I can be a sad drunk... I've had about six screwdrivers already, lol.

Well, Elvis, or at least Miss J, has left the building. Time for her nap. But I will get that story out of her!<br />
As I understand it TripleL has a few interesting tales as well.....

you got it!

Screwdriver for me, please?


Wait... Can I get a drink, too?


Two shots of Mezcal for Miss J and I. Hell, give her both. I want to hear her story!

nice... long island for me please

well now you have roused my interest. do tell....

i thought the freaks came out at night, not on wednesdays lol. need it, if u only knew about the being paid to watch lol. u guys are worse than floydian in getting me to spill the beans! lol

LOL i will have to keep that in mind gb!<br />
<br />
hahaha needit, you just now picked that up?<br />
<br />
damn. i wish we are all at a bar drinking some cold beers having this convo.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Back up! What was this "I was paid to watch" thing?!<br />
<br />
I'm a perv on Wednesdays too.

getting by that seriously made me cry im laughing so hard! you have no idea! classic... i will be sharing that with friends!

well i have my own definition of obese thank you very much. and jerr... im a little bit a of perv.... especially on wednesdays!

It was a smirk that matches my style of comedy.<br />
<br />
I was making a little joke about what she said in her story. I'm technically obese :P

u a perv? no way!

LOL i was but i didnt want to come across as a perv

drcynic, there's nothing wrong with you. you remind me of a guy i went to school with. he was nice, smart and funny, a real cool dude. triple l, my mind must be in the gutter because i thought u were really talking about watching lol.

yea its definitely a **** off kind of smirk lol

You haven't seen my other pictures yet ;P<br />
<br />
It was a headshot. I was advised to not smile, so I gave an arrogant little smirk.

well exactly... i dont see anything wrong with picture exceot for the lack of a smile. and you're never a leper with us! just dont get too close... i value my body parts!

If I had another face, why would I wear that one? :P

is that your real pic drcynic?

Haha... I love being a leper even among those attracted to big guys. <br />
<br />
I am awesome, lol.

woah really? yeah, im not saying i would want to watch you guys bumping uglies, (not that i would turn the invitation down), but it would be cool to watch 2 people who have never met before meet in person. and if someone wanted to pay me to watch, **** i would never be home!

digging deep is probably yet another talent he has. triple l u must be a voyeur lol. actually if u can get pais for it, why not? i got paid to watch once. some of the easiest money i ever made.

haha.. i think needit would love to dig deep from the looks of it!...... again.. can i watch? LOL

whatever it takes? boy, u must have some fat pockets, needit lol. maybe a little competition is just the thing to make u dig deep!

lol... well you might have some competition needitdeep!

Yes I'm bad. SuperBad! And I'll bid whatever it takes for the attentions of Miss J.

well some of my best guy friends are average size. and i would date them if i wasnt taken. but i just am very aware of what really want. hahaha.. i like cake!

awww... give it time... im sure lots of guys will do your bidding.. hahahaha pun definitely intended lol

sold to... lol

bad, very bad lol

lol $100 going once..............

Jer---rica, You don't have to put out the red light........<br />
<br />
(Bad Eddie Murphy imitation)

bidding starts at 100 dollars lol. i agree with jesynta about that feeling of security with a bigger man. i had a co worker, a good friend who was a big guy and when he'd give me a hug, it felt so comforting. like i knew everything would be ok.

yes... i agree. where it comes from is beyond me. my dad is a tiny little thing lol!

I think you hit the nail on the head with the comment 'I feel safe'. For me likewise, I equate larger size with a feeling of security, being safe. Maybe to do with being enveloped in [preferably] big, strong arms?<br />
I think most of us have a preferred type when it comes to who we are attracted to and there are probably lots of subconscious reasons for it.

lol... alas, i am taken, but miss jerrica... shall we start the bidding at.....

indy is sweet and you're pretty cool triple l. needit, i definitely need to be first in line for what you've got lol

"I'm built for comfort, I ain't built for speed.<br />
I got everything a good woman needs."<br />
<br />
<br />
Now, who wants some of that?

well thank you indy. and its nice to meet people like you and jerrica who are fun and genuine too!

aww thats sweet indy. triple l, the price is at least 500 bones. send it western union lol

You are a unique and special woman LLL....Its truly women like you who bring genuine beauty to the world.<br />
<br />
You too jerrica....thanks.

hahahaha!!!!!! whats the price? i had to ask! im a damn good foot rubber!

hmm maybe u can watch but it'll cost u! lol

hahaha ok, ok fine.. but can i at least watch!!

since i was a little i have always been attracted to people through their personality. i have never`dated someone because i thought they were good looking. like my "type" if i had to use an example would be jon belushi. my fiancee is pretty good looking but i wasnt into him till he made me laugh that first time. and bigger guys have always been honest with me. they are the ones that love for real.

shoot, i'd have given anything to have a man of this stature, indy. the women who bypassed you are fools. and triple l, you already have a fiance. don't be greedy! lol

lol!!!! no me!

I often wondered where all the girls like you were when I was still (and always) available. Most of the time...even the larger girls wouldnt have anything to do with giving me a chance. The ones who did were either taking advantage of my good naturedness, or they were 'desperate'. I have been very fortunate to finally have found a wonderful woman who accepts and loves me very much. I waited about about twenty-six plus years and went through alot of loneliness, heartache, and hell.....but I'd have to say it was worth it!!

lol. me me me!

Ok .... Ok.... dont push .... form a orderly que here .....ok whos first Ladies ..........<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />

lucky you! i don't blame u a bit, being in his arms.

yeah, something to hold on to is nice. my fiancee is 6'1 and and a big guy. im always in his arms. lol

sounds sexy. i always seemed to get tall and thin or short and average guys. it would be nice to have a tall one with some substance to him.