First Taste Of Chocolate

I was 17 and had just left my mother's house/trailer...I moved in with my black girlfriend and her 6 month old son and her mother. They were really good to me took me questions asked....I tried for two weeks to get a job..and was out of money. I needed to contribute to an already stretched financial situation and was telling this to Violet. my girfriend's mother when she said she knew of a men's Club that was always looking for attractive girls. especially white girls. She told me she didnt want to see me get involved in that sort of thing but maybe I could find a job in the office or as a barmaid. I called and spoke to a very professional woman who gave me an appointment to go in for an interview on Friday. Two days later I was in a large upstairs office above the club sitting across from Nina...the woman on the phone. She was very professional looking...but sexy too and fairly pretty...we were about the same size and body shape...she asked me several personal questions.
Had I danced before?
Would I mind being nearly naked in front of others?
How comfortable was I with men?
...with women?
Was I sexually active?
Did I have any STD?
When she was done getting her information she told me I would have to meet with Mr. Freeman...he was the club owner and interviewed all prospective employees before they could be hired. I was a bit nervous and not sure if I was dressed properly. I had the only skirt I took from my mother's house...I lived in jeans and short shorts most of the time. I was wearing a black skirt a lil tight and not quite a mini with black heels and a black and white striped top that showed a lil clevage...I dont have much cleavage to show unfortunately..still I would have wanted to be dressed more sophisticatedly if I knew I was going to meet the owner. She escorted me down the hall to a very large plush office. She introduced me to Mr. Freeman and left us alone. Mr. Freeman was very gracious extended his hand, telling me to call him Sam and offered me a leather chair in front of his massive almost bare desk. He said ..." I don't have much time young lady but let's get to know each other a little bit Ok?" I said "That will be fine Sir...I don't want to intewrupt your work." I was inmpressed (at 17 it didnt take much...but it was impressive under any circumstances) I sat nervously..tugging at my skirt...very aware that I was showing more thigh than might be approriate for a office job interview. Mr. Freeman was a huge man...6'4" with wide shoulders and looking very physically fit, his dark skin was attractive with a few pock mocks on his left cheek his only physical flaw. His hair was cut short and he had the appearance of a warm yet very stern man...powerful you sensitive. We talked about the club and he told me there were no jobs available other than the girlie jobs...cocktail waitress, dancing, and "private" entertainment. he also added that since I was only 17 I could only be a B&P girl until I turned 18. I had to ask and he apologized saying he thought Nina would have told me a B&P girl was a Bra and Panty girl...all the waitresses wore the lingerie of the day...all wore the same style bras and panties and 5 in heels....each girl could choose her own daily color ...there would be an initial allowance for purcahsing my lingerie...14 sets to get started...all different colors. He asked me if I was interested and I told him I was.. then he asked me...well more ot less told me to stand up and take off my skirt and blouse. he said " I need to see your body so I can decide if you are what our customers want to see" I was stunned...i started to shake all I stood...I wanted to run out the door....but stayed...i needed this job. "Please Mr. Freeman ...I had no idea...I ...I ...I...can't" I managed to stutter out. "Well I can understand how you feel...but if you can't show that nice body to me I don't think this is the right place for you." He smiled warmly andadded "I thank you for coming by...and if anything in the office opens up I am sure Nina will contact you." His smile was so warm and gentle...and all I wanted to do was beg him to let me work for him. I almost burst into tears when he called to Nina to come back and escort me out. As I walked out with Nina I broke down . She was great...trying to comfort me ..I told her I didnt know what to do...I wanted this job...but I just froze in his office. I told her I had never been with a black man before and was intimidated, scared and nervous. She told me to sit and wait...she was finishing up for the day and she wanteds to talk to me further about the possibility of still getting a job at the club. I went to the ladies room to freshen up and wash my face..I also had to pee I was so nervous. Twenty minutes later Nina was done and she took me out to the parking lot. We got into her mercedes and drove to her apartment. She did all the talking telling me I needed to decide what I wanted and if I wanted to work at the club she would help me. She told me while I was in the ladies room she had spoken with sam and he wanted to hire me...and had told her to have me come back when he had more time. She said..."believe me if he didn't want to hire you there is no way you would be asked to come back. Now....go into the bathroom and take a shower...I want to take you out for somewthjing to eat...and maybe party a little ...I ahve some club clothes that will fit you."
I didnt know what to do...but she was authoritative a nd warm so I did what she told me to do. I showered fixed my hair and wrapped a towel around myself and walked out into her bedroom. On the bed was a very sexy greensilk mini dress slit on one side...with only one shopulderstrap....and...a tiny pair of lacy green bikini panties...Nina knocked and came back in the room. " I saw your clothes and the underwear you wore wont go under this dress so picked out a pair of mine I havent worn yet..." she was dressed in a white clingy pants suit that looked remarkable on her brown skinned body. Her long black hair was curled around her face and I thouyght to myself "she is really pretty". "Now hurry up and get dressed...I am in a mood to PARTY" again her strong tone motivated me into action and I quickly dressed...I dropped my towel ...despite her being there and quickly pulled her panties up my long white legs and asked her to help me into her dress. As she helped me I felt her hands linger just a bit on my shoulders and sides...and thought she has such a nice touch and way about her.
She drove to a club about 15 minutes away As we walked in there were a .lot of people there ....and then I realized they were all women. Many of them dressed provocatively and all of them staring at me. It was a prdominantly black lesbian club..called the Honeypot. I turned to Nina..."Ni ..Ni...Nina...where are we...I am n... n...not ...g....." she put he finger to my lips..."'re fine...just relax and enjoy the attention. If you still feel uncomfortable in a little while we can leave but I want you to know what it is like to constantly be a sex object." We got a table...she introduced me to several women all of whom looked at me with lust filled eyes...undressing and admiring me with their eyes. I liked IT! I couldnt help but enjoy the feelings their salacious comments and looks were creating in me. Nina and I ate , and danced...a bit wantonly ...we had several drinks and I was really feeling it...I had no thoughts of leaving and was disappointed when she said it was time for us to go. once in the car...I turned to thasnk her for a fantastic evening ..." i really needed that" I said as she turned to me....put her arms softly on my shoulders and kissed me...warmly, lovingly, sensuosly...I responded as if it were the most natural thjing I had ever done...kissing hjer body against breasts pressing into hers....melting against her...A shiver went through me as she whispered..."The party just getting started." My heart was beating rapidly all the way back to her apartment...and my panties were more than a little bit damp...I let her lead me into her apartment....into her bedroom....she didnt turn on any lights but lit three candles and then turned to me..."Relax Honey....just enjoy..."
She kissed me again ...deeper this time...filling my mouth with her talented tongue...pressing her loins into mine...her hands down my back...cupping grabbing my silk covered ***...I moaned with pure lust...she whispered ...."I will show you..." and all I could say was ...."Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."
I felt the zipper on my dress being pulled down as she rolled it off me....removing her jacket and pants at ther same time...she looked like a sexy goddess in nher red bra and tiny apnties....i was wearing just the green panties and heels..she helped me out of my shoes and guided me onto her king sized bed...her hands were all over my body....I was about to say ..." I n...n...n...nev" and again she silenced me ..this time with her lips. her hands slid down my body...teasing my breasts...tormenting my nipples...fanning the flames of unbridled lust within my body...she spread my thighs....I maoned ..whimpered as she smiled....widly....telling me how sweet and inviting my pink lil ***** she peeled my lil panties off....she slid thye p[-alm of her hand over my mound...caressing hips lifted off the bed...I was in wonderland...writhing under her experienced touch...twisting for more...surrendering to this wonderful woman. I thrust my ***** up to she slid her hands under my ***...pulling me closer to her....I screamed with pure pleasure as her lips touched my swolllen ones...she didnt stop...her mouth was all over my nipples and my legs gripped her head tightly as my first lesbian ****** exploded within my soul....she spread my legs wider as I tried to catch my breath....her tongue tesing my ***** still and then slipping lower....her hands opened my ***....her tongue found my tight pucker...and she again sent me over the hips pumping furiousl;y on her three fingers inside my heated slit and her tongue buried in my ***... She let me rest for several minutes ...before sliding up my body...her lithe legs on each side of me...she rested on my chest.....holding my head she leaned close and said..."kiss me " in such a provocative whisper...I obeyed...putting my lips against the soft sweet lips of her sex...she moaned above me...pressing her body lower as I extended my tongue....desperate to give her the same pleasure she had provided me..."Suck it Teri...suck my **** yo would a ****..." My lips opbediently locked over her swollen pink pleasure buitton...suckingmit hard. I felt her hands tighen in my my hair...holding my head as she succumbed to the sparks of lust roclketing through her dark body...when her passion subsided we lay in each other's arms..kissing...tasting the sweetness fo each others warm nectar. We lay there kissing...grinding pink ***** to pink ***** the dark contrast of our skin highlighting the emotions and sensual feelings in the flickering shadows of the candles. our entwined silohette refelcted off the wall. Her lips in my ear telling me..."you are such a naughty lil girl...and so sexy and delicious" We both laughed and she got up...and rolled me over on the bed....she went over to a cabinent opened a drawer and withdrew several the dark I couldnt tell what they were ....but when she said I am going to enjoy her toys....I had a pretty good idea...she quickly anchored my wrists to her headboard...and slipped two large pillows under my hips...raising my *** in a salacious position...I felt her kneel between my legs and begin kissing my shoulders and down my back....then at my ankles and up my legs...spreading my thighs...I maoned constantly...p[urring from the sweet sensaations her mouth lips and tongue were causing. my hips rotating constantly...she inserted two fingers in my slippery sex and her tongue in my *******...when she insertted two fingers in my *** and began rhythmically sawing her fingers in and out of both holes I felt my ****** building again..squeezing her fingers tightly with my **** and ******* I was moaning my body begging for another was then she a stern voice..."Does my naughty lil wjhite girl need to ***?" "Yessssssssssssssssssssss " I answered ...sinking deep into the need to surrender..."are you my lil white ***** Teri" "Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss..." I moaned again..."say it ****...tell me what you are and what you need...." I had only expereinced this kind of dominant control with men ...and at 17 it had only been with a few men..." I need to *** Nina...please.." she slapped my bucking white ***,,,,"Tell me what you are ****...tell me now..." I blurted out with wicked uncontrolable need ..." Yesssssssssssssss Nina ..I am your lil white *****....and I need to *** pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...she spanked me again telling me I cant *** without permission and I lost all **** msucles and ******* clamped tightly around her hips thrusting wildly as my climax consumed me entirely. She pushed her fingers deep as I rode out all of the delicious pleasure coursing thru my chrning body...I collapsed under her...gasping for breath...aftershocks shaking my body. after a few minutes I felt her get up...go into the bathroom and I heard the water running....she reurned quickly holding what looked like a hot water bottle...Suddenly I realized what it was....."Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...please don't...not an enema..." I pulled at my bindings but it was useless...she asked me..."Did you *** withyout permission ****" "Yes Mistress...but i couldnt help it felt so good. I added Mistress in the hopes she would like it my submission and forget about the enema...I felt something cold on my spread *******...and then felt her press the nozzle against my anus..." Now you will take your punishment...." " Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Mistress ..please don't" Nina ignored my pleas and inserted the black tube deep inside my *******...then released the water....I hadnt had an enema since my mother gave me one when I was about 10...i was so embarassed and yet it felt so good too...the warm water filling my humiliation making my ***** drool....the long tube wiggling up my ***....and she was rubbing my ****...My hips began to grind on her fingers....another climax was slowly building..."Does my white **** need to *** again...?" "oh god yessssssx please...pleaseeeee don't stop" Suddenly she did stop.....the water bag was empty and she got off the bed....walking over to her cabinent again...I heard a SNAP! and immedialtly a shiver of fear ripped thru me. She removed the tube in my *** and told me to she inserted a l;arge butt plug into my *******...then she picked up a large vibrator....and oh so slowly inserted it in my *****.....I opened my legs the thick toy stretched my girl hole tight around it. when she turned it on wicked sensations of lust filled pleasure rolled thru me again..."This will hold the water in so you don't mess the sheets while I punish you for disobeying me" She stood by the side of thebed...snapping the belt..."did you *** without permission?" "Yes Mistress..." SNAP!
The belt sliced into my bouncing white asscheeks..."Owwwwwwww" I screamed..."Whose ***** are you?' " I am Mistress Nina's *****" SNAP!......"Ohhhhhhh god please don't it hurts..." "Quiet ****...or it will be worse for you...Tell me again what are you..." I am a white **** for my Mistress..." SNAP! I bit my lip to keep from crying out as my *** bounced to distribute the sharp pain ....on and on she went...whipping my bare unprotected ***...and making me degrade myself...with each lash across my *** my ***** burned hotter and hotter....the vibrator, the plug, the humiliation, the belt, my position on all fours all working to drive me to another tumultous ******...."please Mistress...oh god please Nina ...please let me ***..."
She reached under me and rubbed my swollen clitoris....and my body spasmed violently....******* under sensations I never dreamed would excite me so. When I stopped shaking.... she released my hands and led me to the toilet where I was allowed to release the enema...afterwards we shjowered and caressed each other in the showser, bathroomand back into her bed....where she had me lick her and suck her to a wonderful gut wrenching ******....licking her ***** was the most natural thing i ever back some of the pleasure she had given me was so gratifying I didnt want to stop...we slept until late saturday morning. when I awoke...she was waling naked around the room except for a huge 10 in strap on she had attached to her hips...It bounced in front of her like a real ****....She ordered me to roll over on my tummy....and raise my ***...she slid under me on her shoulders and gripped my hips pulling my ***** dopwn to her open moputh....she licked me close to another injcredible climax and then stopped...kneeling behind me...she asked.."Does my ***** need to be ******" " Yes Mistress...please...." I was so turned on I could barely spreak but managed to utter the words she had to hear. "Beg me to **** you...." Please Mistress....**** me...**** your **** so good...." " Now beg me to **** you up your hot white ***...." I hesitated...she spanked my already sore *** hard..." Please Mistress please **** me in my hot white ***..." My body, mind, and sopul were overrun with passion, desire and sexual need...first she ****** my ****....long hard strokes stretching my cuntwalls tight around her ****....and rubbing my **** as she did...again my body bucked and twisted threough a a ecstatic climax. she pulled the **** slowly out od my *****....and told me to "open up" I placed my hands on my ***...gripping my cheeks tightly and spread myself dopr her....she pressed the **** against my *******..."Is this what you need ****" "Yessssssssssssssss Mistress pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee...." "Then push back and get it like the **** you are" I obeyed...wiggling my hips...easing my ******* onto her ****....feeling the head "pop" oinside and slowly stretch my rectal canal...I steadily impaled myself on her ****...filling my *** ...feeling myself be fully penetrated...fully ****** and loving every inch of it ******* into me...when it was all the way in she waited for me to adjust tom its sixe and then she began ******* me...the back end of her **** was another **** a bit smaller that was caressing her ***** as she ravaged my *******. I am sure the people down the street heard our screams as we came together....bucking and wriothing...pushing towards each other...filling our sensuous holes with those delicious toy copcks. I spent the weekend with her...surrendering to her in every way poissible...licking her from head to toy...burying my tongue in her **** for hours at a time...pushing my tongue deep into her ***....eating her , sucking her nipples and her ****...providing her with ****** after ****** returning the ecstasy she had given me.when I left her on sunday I was willing to be her pet forever if she wanted me to. Monday morning she called and told me Sam Freeman wanted to see me again if I still wanted a B&P job. I went to my mother's trailer and got my shortest sexiest dress...borrowed my girfriends highest stillettos and put on the tinest pair of panties i owned. When I walked into the upstairs office I knew what to expect and I was ready. Nina had coached me and ther pleasures I felt with her from the weekend ...had me anticipating working in a black club. She smiled sensually at me...and told me how hot I looked she escorted me to Mr. Freeman's office again. She had spent the weekend when one of us wasnt screaming in ecstasy coaching me on what to expect from Big Sam. Big Sam liked to sample his girls....especially the yopunger ones...he wont hurt you but he will use you completly...and just might enjoy it she said with a wicked smile. She left me with Sam and I sat in the same chair..." It is nice to see you again Teri...I apologize for not having more time the last time you were here...but now I have the rest of the day. So tell me...what brings you back to my office.?" He was smiling that warm friendly smile again..." I n eed a job Mr. Freeman..I really do." "Well nothing has changed since last week you think you can handle me seeing your body" "Yes Sir" I siad...amybe a bit too quickly. " Ok...then show me what I need to see..." I stood up and unzipped my dress....sliding it off my shoulders....feeling my knees weaken as my body began to respond despite my nervousness. I let it slide to my feet ans stepped out of it..holding it in front of me for as long as possible. Then I folded it and laid it across another office chair. Sam said.."Very nice. teri...very very nice..a little skinny but you are white...they will love turn around for me." I obeyed like a little girl...spinnining on my heels...trying not to lose control of my body. thinking "these lil white panties dont cover much...I might as well be naked..." Sam commanded me..."bend over Teri..and grab your ankles..." again I if in a trance...I heard him get up and walk around his desk...."Now are going to show me how really bad you want this job aren't you?" "Yessss Mr. Freeman"...I was so excited and embarassed (which makes me more excited) I had tropuble speaking...and hissed the words out. I bit my lip when I felt his finger tip slide along the crease of my panties over the delicate furrow of my ***** lips...."It appears are enjoying this little show...are you?" "Yessss Mr. Freeman I am..." I stayed there in that lil panties riding up nto my ***...the soft white pouch barely covering my sex displayed wickedly....thinking..." I want him to use me...use me like Nina did all weekend...make me his lil whiote ****...make me what I am...a **** hungry ****". He continued to let his fingewr slide up and down my thinly protected feminine slit...I tried not to but could not help mopaning from the in tense pleasure I was feeling. He walked around in front of me..." Now show me much you want to work for me...take it out and show me what a good employee you are going to be" <y hands went straight to his belt as he p[ut his hands on my head and pushed me to my knees...His thick **** was about to bust throughh his pants. i knelt there shaking with lust now...I wanted...I needed to degrade myself and pleasure this huge man..."it has nothing to do with the job i admitted to myself you are just a ****" When I lowered his pants....I heard myself whisper..."Oh god it is huge..." Sam Freeman's **** was incredible. he was a big man but his **** was awesome was dark black with a thick knob ...and close to 10 inches..." I knelt there staring at the biggest **** I ever saw...(it still is and I have seen a lot since) he laughed..."Now you know why they call me Big Sam...Honey" He pushed my head forward a little bit...and my instincts took over...I knew how to suck a ****...I loved sucking a ****....and I wanted him to know hopw good I was,,,I wanted to give him the best *********** he ever had.. I started lickin g his **** up and dowm...still amazed at it's size...but determined to make it his best. I kissed the head...licked all around the shaft...slowly let my moutyh swallow all of him....relaxing my thrpoat to let him in...caressing his entire **** with my mouth and throat. Inspired by a moan from above...I lowered my mouth and began to suck on his sac. the twins were very large and hung low in their sac...heavy with his ***** they each filled my mouth again and again...he grabbed my hair....and held my head....began ******* my face...pistoning in and out....calling me his hot lil white ********** head started bobbin g back and forth...sucking him in and out...stroking that deliciopus black **** with my lips...feeling the thick vein underneath slide along my fingers slipped inside my little panties...slipping up inside my *****...rubbing my **** as Sam ****** in and out of my mouth..." Now ***** take my load...." He commanded as his **** swelled....and erupted...filling my mouth with gobs of hot white *****....again and again his **** shot his thick cream in my mouth down my throat and into my belly...I swallowed as muchas I could...some slipped out my mouth ...doewn my chin, my neck and onto my ****. My own ****** was triggered by his....I thrusdt my fengers deep inside my red hot sex and thrashed thru my own climax. Sam let me catch my breath but didnt let me get up...he pushed his **** back in my mouth..."get it hard again ***** me how much you love my black ****." I licked his **** clean as he grew hard again....Sam pulled me to my feet....told me to bend over his desk....I obeyed....weak in the knees but wanting tyo know the feel of that black **** in my tiny *****....Sam pull;ed my soaked panties off....and told me to "open why baby...this isn't no lilttle ****.." I obeyed...spreading my legs as wide aspossible...arching my back to give him a beter angle..."Please Mr Freeman ..please go slow.." He never heard me or didnt listen...he grabbed my hips and filled me all the my mind I was visualizing that huge black p[ole stretching my pink ***** lips....his **** stretched me wide open...his balls bouncing against my swollen ****...Sam grabbed my hips and started ******* me ...all the way in..almost all the way out...I copuld feel my **** walls turning inside out each time he withdrew...I lay there **** pressed into his desk....hips bucking obscenely...that gorgeous balck **** riding in and out of me...I started *******...thrusting my ***** back at him....screamin g my ecstasy....losing myself in one outrageosu climax after another...Sam freeman "owned " no other man ever would...While I was in the middle of my *******...Sam called out to Nina...(I think this was p,lanned becasue she came right in with a contract) " Nina we have a new employee...she cant wait to start....give her a pen and sign her up...." I don't remeber doing it but Nina later showed me my sign ature and tyole me it was one of the sexiest scenes she ever trying to sign and ******* at the same time...When sam came...his **** gushed another thick load of hot *** into my ****...I was to weak to move...and after feeling his **** spurt several times into me and ******* from it...I collapsed on his desk...all but passing out. I was hooked on black ****....!
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I'm attracted to them too. Just seems to be a natural thing. Just seems right.