Hott Chocolate <3

I love men of every color and shapes but black men are definitely to me the sexiest. I don't know if it's because I have been watching too many Trey Songz videos or because I love Drake but damn I love black guys.
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we think your cute too

We are just sexy you can blame it on God lol

white women/black men,very sexy!

lololol I'm not white haha

It's a natural attraction. White women and black men are meant to be together like the moon in the night sky. The contrast in skin color intensifies the physical attraction, and white women are so into it when they're making love...energetic and enthusiastic!

Thank you

Thanks for the confession. You might get a few haters but its something more and more women are admitting openly now.

No matter what people do, they'll always encounter some sort of opposition, that's just the way it goes in the game of life. The white women should just ignore the haters. I orchestrated the initial meeting between my sexy, gorgeous Italian-Canadian ex-fiance and her black lover because wanted him real bad, I could see it in her eyes. It turned me on that she felt so strongly attracted to him, and I find that black men +white women are the sexiest, hottest couples!

That's what we have to get used to. We can be the kindest, the funniest or even the richest, but the girl will always have a hankering for something Dark once in a while.