The Attraction Is Definetly In Me!


Actually, it has not the race. It's the kind of man he is. i would date a handsome, sweet black man over a white redneck any day!

From what i have observed over the years many black men have more sex appeal than a white men. Black men also have a swagger that is almost irresistible. They have sexy voices. They have  sexy bodies. What? It's true!

The skin color is irresistible too, like a rich latte coffee color or a deep rich roasted coffee color. They do really seem to appreciate the women in their lives.

So, some black men yes they have caught my eye. Often. i can see this could apply to all men of color. To be fair it does apply to white men, but not as many numbers i think.

For me it's not race, it's their attitude. The kind of man they are. And, it's not all of them ... just some of them.

i don't know if what i heard is true, that being "once you go black you never ever go back". Are they good in bed? i don't know, but it would be irresistible to find out!


Josie06 Josie06
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3 Responses Mar 5, 2009

The two that I have been with have been very good lovers but I think that might just be a stereotype. Each one is different, give it a try!

I haven't been intimate yet, but I oh so want too. I have know several in my life, business and socially, and they have been gentlemen always.

are they good in bed? the two i have been with are great...they are very intune to my needs and want to make sure i am pleased as much as they are. :) As for the myth on size that is not always true.