It's Elementary My Dear.

i started this in my story 'Black Is Beautiful' in the Group 'I Love The Color Black' and it is just right to expand on that with more.


i do find myself to be extremely attracted to black men. i have no idea if it is a one woman i know calls  "the fever". Maybe it's the old idea of taboo. Maybe it's that opposites attract. Possibly, because we share a lot of similarities and interests in common.

Whatever it is i am there and very attracted. i don't know why, somehow it just seems natural.

i do know that black men are beautiful as i can see this just looking at them. The way the walk and carry themselves shows an inner pride and confidence. They appear more athletic and with that confidence they possess they exude a very noticeable style. They make eye contact often and are not afraid or shy. They seem to take care of themselves better even as they age.

i also know that they have do delicious skin tones. Covering a wide range from a deep rich dark chocolate to a sexy milky mocha color. Ummmm! (Licking my lips here.) Their skin is almost sensuous to the touch like satin or even velvet. Creating a gorgeous electricity or spark that captures one (me) willingly. Oh my yes!

They are sexy, confident and clearly know they are men.

i've heard all the stories about their amazing prowess in the bedroom. i don't know if all the stories are true or if they are false. But would like to learn ... first hand.

We can analyze the roots of attractions all you want, scientists do it a lot and many we know do it to. It's a question to me that is personal and different for everyone. As for me it just seems a natural.

Black men, well you have definitely caught this woman's eye.




i also believe the contrast of black on white flesh is so beautiful and breathtaking. Ebony and Ivory a perfect contrast.

Why not me!!!!


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Wow very beautifully written desc<x>ription of what is sexy about black men. My wife totally agrees with you.

I'm very attracted to black men also, can't really explain why - just am. You did write it great though, maybe it's a mixture of the things you said.

i also enjoy black on white relations and im very attracted to white women

The pic at the end just says volumes for me.

this is such an awesome story, so beautifully written! i know exactly what you mean, there is something about a black man that always catches my as well. i love that pic at the end. you are so right, ebony and ivory were made to go together! :)

i think i should also say that black women are also beautiful. And i am not drawn to them in a sexual way.<br><br />
<br><br />
They have very beautiful eyes and lush full lips. Dare i say apple shaped bottoms, well fuller ones anyway (compared to my flatter one).<br><br />
<br><br />
i do envy shade of your skin (you never need a tanning salon). Wish my skin were darker maybe more olive in color so i didn't need the tanning salon.<br><br />
<br><br />
Yes, i am a bit envious. Black is Beautiful ... male and female.

I like this story! You have expressed your attraction in a way I so relate. I am lesbian, but there is something about black men I find myself attracted to.

Thank you Markismyheart. i try to write what i feel.