Really, I Just Like Women

I do have a soft spot for a few of the black women I have had the pleasure of being with. One in particular had the most piercing eyes I have ever seen. They were light brown, almost yellow against her dark skin and they drove me crazy. It was almost like she could see every evil intention I had for her and took full advantage of that knowledge.
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4 Responses Aug 4, 2010

how sweet...

great story

She rarely wore panties and her only tat was on her shoulder that she picked up while in the Air Force. She was my neighbor for a few years and she would bring her daughters by to play with my kids and have a beer or two. Her usual attire was sweat pants, a loose t-shirt, flip-flops and no makeup. And damn she was gorgeous.

Yeah, and imagine her having some white panties on her lower *** showing up and a tramp stamp tattoo....