I Love Big Black Women

I have always preferred heavier women of any race, and I find Black women of any size beautiful, but there is something so gorgeous about a Black woman with generous curves. I love that curvy Black women are usually much more comfortable with their size than White women are. Many aren't afraid to show off their curves either, which I find extremely appealing. Most of the heavier Black women I've met know that being fat doesn't make them ugly, something the majority of White women can't seem to get through their heads. That confidence coupled with the physical beauty makes big Black women almost irresistable to me. It would be amazing to have a curvy Black lady who loved me like I would love her.
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7 Responses May 17, 2012

I've always preferred black women and that includes the curvy/thick ones. Generally, they wear the weight well and more often than not, they end up being knockouts. When you combine the physical beauty with confidence, an attractive personality and the sexual dominance that quite a few of the black women I've dated possessed, uh WINNING.

Beautiful story written from the heart which makes me doubt that you're creepy

Wonderful description of where your attractions lie.

I hope that you and this lady find each other soon!

as beautiful black woman with curves I want to say thank you for your eloquence in describing why you are attracted to us. I am attracted to white guys mostly with an accent, but my American boys are something to speak for as well. At least those that don't demoralize us with harsh fantasies of large breast and the pseudo sized appendage Raging! We are human with a wealth of love, confidence and mustard seed strength not a quest or notch to be conquered or belted. For those who can't see beyond the depth of the cleavage, challenge yourself to go beyond the physique and try a conversation not contingent on the sex but the heart.

One of my classmates was a black girl. she was 9 and was developing a curvy butt and ****. I would go to their house as I liked their openess about sex. Annie would sit on my lap and get me hard. Then she would tell her mom. Her mom just laughed and at times pinch my butt. I returned the favors. We *********** together. It was so cool just to not only enjoy sex but to enjoy our company.

Come find me!

this story is so great, i fully agree with ya, i really hope you find what you want one day:)