I Don't Like Hearing It.

I became friends with a young woman at work. She was, and I am sure still is, very attractive and blessed with a very nice personality. One evening a co-worker, aware that I was attracted to her, came to me commenting on her pleasing appearance saying she was pretty cute "for a black girl." Cute for a black girl? I didn't see how her darker complexion lessened her attractiveness.
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15 Responses Jun 25, 2012

This type of comment plagues me, thanks for understanding how ridiculous it is

Got to love them

That is such a covert form of racism...Right up there with, "Some of my best friends are black." People need to get a damn grip!!!!

I'm color blind when it comes to outside color cause we're all the same color inside

I guess he didn't find most black women attractive so was saying she was an exception in his eyes. If he acts bad in other ways then he was probably being an ***. If he is normally a good person then it probably meant nothing except sounded weird.

Thank you..Am a black girl, and would be pleased if I meet fair people like your self.

Thank you so much for this!

This is true

Black Women are beautfull

I've heard the same comment from my mother. A pretty woman is a pretty woman regardless of skin tone.

This is so TRUEPlease reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Perhaps no more than a very poor choice of words,,, or,,,, could be,, he's a total racist,,,

ah so,,, then must be a case of words most poorly chosen,,, this is good :)

I think that may be a compliment either. Somehow it does not sound that way. I think maybe that person has no bad intention by saying that.

Woww. "Cute for a black girl?" What's that supposed to mean? Sheesh. Sometimes people can be so ignorant.

"Cute for a black girl" - what a silly thing to say. Black girls are beautiful. I don't know why people are like this. I have heard colleagues at work admit that they "don't find dark skinned women [meaning black, Indian, whatever] attractive". Maybe they should try it, like I did, except of course it means you don't find white women attractive anymore afterwards. I know I couldn't go back to white women now.<br />
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Of course, I have heard similar remarks the other way round, so to speak, black women (or men) saying they don't find white men (or women) attractive.

As a black female, I have been around that comment many times and it is often that the world has voted us to be the ugliest women on the planet. It is very frustrating because as black women we are often told how to look, how to do our hair, how to walk, who to be with, etc. We never seem to do anything right in people's eyes.<br />
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All that I can say is that people have their opinions.