Black Women And Mexican Men

Black women need to start hittin on Mexican men. I see lots of Black men and Mexican women. I want to see more Black women and Mexican men.
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You got that right. I'm black and i like mexican boys😜😜😜😜. It's kinda a good thing for a black woman to like a mexican man

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Hi, I'm married to a Mexican American and we have two beautiful babies and one bun on the way ;-) . I'd definitely LOVE to see more African American ladies with mor Mexican American guys. There's so much LOVE to share and it's explosivee

where did yall meet

We met in college ;)

that must be you and him in the pic, yall make a good family

I know right. When I'm older i plan on doing the same thing. But that's after i graduate and get a good job and a nice house

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I agree

I'm a black women and I love my Mexican men.

Maybe Mexican men should try and hit more on black women.

I do hit on them but they are usually married or got someone

Well sometimes in my experience from a kid to the corps and into the real world . A meskin has to be on point. I can explain better talking than texting.

I know right cause in new orleans i dont think they like black girls

I haven't dated any Mexican men, but I did talk to several and my ex-boyfriend is Brazilian from Rio. I miss his caramel skin against my chocolate skin. Definitely some of the best sex I ever had lol I gave him 10 options to have sex wherever and whenever he wanted.... He has quite the imagination. But anyway, we had a pretty good relationship and I love latino food&culture so that was a plus. Going to fairs, go-carting, out to eat, movies, and acting crazy will be memories I'll always cherish. ....I'll hit on more Mexican men for you though lol :)

thats cool to see, i have never seen it but that is cool, i love interracial couples.

maybe thay couldent get their green card and need a hook up to get into the USA

not really racist....but a fact of what strains our government and the tax dollers i pay on my paycheck and the non food things i buy. when i call my cable company about my bill... i should not have to be asked if i want things in english.. or spanish !!!!

Study your history boy. My ancestors were here while yours were crossing the ocean. Who's the real wetback boy.

Your right it's not racist. It's ignorance, and stupidity. But I get it. You must be mad that we're out hustling for ours and u must be at home in a tank up eating hungry man living in high school still. Broke!!!!


Thats kinda offensive

That was such an unnecessary comment. I hope you know that in the majority of countries they always have extensions for more than one language.

Another simple minded person. I served my country so people like you could say **** like that. But it's ok, the only thing that gets me is this is about hot chocolates and meskins not your racism. BOY

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